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Infractions Visible


Staff member
If we do edit an offensive post, it's usually because it contains something triggering without a content warning, or a fast-moving/flashy gif that isn't under a hide tag (in which case we're likely to just add whatever's needed).

I mean, it's not exactly a secret what kind of posts are considered inappropriate - that's what the rules are for. Visible infractions are still useful for posts that aren't offensive, but are infracted for some other reason (like spam), and it also lets users know when their reports are or aren't being acted on, since there's no confirmation of that or anything.

I get what you're saying, but isn't it kind of common sense? If you can see that a post has been edited and infracted, and you can access the rules, and you have the context of the thread... would it be that hard to deduce what the problem was? I think generally when people do edit their posts after being infracted for saying something bad, it's out of genuine desire to not upset any more people, and I don't really take issue with that. People tend to not edit their posts after being infracted anyway, from what I can see.