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Is PBR Worth Buying?

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If I were you, I'd just rent it. It's fun while it lasts... but it doesn't last long at all. Most likely you'll be able to beat it in five days.
I really just want it for the 3D battle Wi-Fi anytime I want. But someone says it cuts off half of the time.
I just bought PBR, and i dont really like it. It got boring fast. I thought it'd be like Pokemon Stadium, where you could store your pokemon, but you can just put them on there to battle, which sucks. unless i'm wrong (Please correct me if i'm wrong, it'll make it more fun). It's a more improved battling thing, but the announcer talks to much and i cant be bothered turning him off. But a good thing is you can customize your character.
For your own safety, it's better you have a Nintendo DS before buying this game. Without it, you have to use those pre-set trainer cards, which are fixed and cannot be changed, as opposed to those pokemon stadium rental pokemon.With a NDS, you can use Wi-Fi to transfer pokemon for your DPPt to the PBR.
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