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Kanto Role Choice Mafia [Game Thread]

The next morning, the Pokemon realize yet another of their number is missing. They head to the tallest tree in the forest, where Fearow normally resides, but the bird isn't at roost — he's roasted, instead, on the forest floor.

Metallica Fanboy is dead!
He was innocent.
He was Fearow.

48 hours for day phase discussion.
There is no discussion today as the Pokemon of the forest somberly single out one of their own to die. Flareon, they conclude, was one of the conspirators. Before they can kill him, though, a black eye blossoms into existence on his face and he drops dead on the spot. It seems someone else got to him first...

VM is dead!
He was mafia.
He was Flareon.

48 hours for night actions.
There are precious few Pokemon left, and to their relief, they realize they all are still present and accounted for. With no deaths, does this mean the threat is over, or must the Pokemon of the forest still suss out an evil presence in their ranks?

No one has died.

48 hours for day phase discussion.
Also, my shell was broken. That's why no deaths, my BP was used.

That means Mawile is mafia since it's just us three.
I mean I'm a Mayor so there's already 2 votes on Mawile. And no one else claimed BP Mayor.
(Looks like everyone's in agreement, and I'd like to get this done with before I go on vacation tomorrow, so I may as well end things off now instead of waiting for the Day to fully end.)

Fingers point yet again, and with a sigh, the final perpetrator puts his hands up in hopelessness. The Pokemon of the forest were nearly completely wiped out, but they found the traitors in their ranks just in time!

Mawile is dead.
He was mafia.
He was Pikachu.

Town wins!

1. Keldeo — Magikarp / Gladiator
2. Wargle — Metapod / Bulletproof Doublevoter
3. I liek Squirtles — Hitmonchan / Poisoner
4. (M) Vipera Magnifica — Flareon / Traitor
5. (M) Mawile — Pikachu / Strongman
6. Superbird — Mew / Dreaming God
7. (M) Zero Moment — Gengar / Bomber
8. Altissimo — Exeggutor / Inventor
9. Lilycolo — Venomoth / Restless Spirit
10. Metallica Fanboy — Fearow / Lightningrod

[hide=Keldeo — Magikarp / Gladiator]Keldeo — Magikarp, the Gladiator
You are innocent!

You poor, pathetic thing. You can’t do much of anything special, can you? Well, not until you get mad enough and evolve. And when you evolve — oh, how you’ll make them pay.

Once in the game, during a day phase, you can PM me to choose to evolve into Gyarados, activating The Thing. In your fury, you use dragonflames to isolate two targets to duke it out one-on-one. (You are allowed to choose yourself as one of these targets.) Your targets cannot vote, and everyone else may only speak to vote to lynch one or the other of your targets. This lasts for the rest of the day phase.

You cannot use this power when there are four or fewer players left alive.
Wargle — Metapod, the Bulletproof Doublevoter
You are innocent!

Your cocoon may make it hard for you to move, but it has its perks. Your brittle shell can withstand one enemy attack, making you resistant to an otherwise fatal strike during the night. Once your shell is first broken open, though, further attacks can get in easily.

Additionally, because your pursuit of self-improvement has garnered you respect in your community, your vote counts doubly during the day.
I liek Squirtles — Hitmonchan, the Poisoner
You are innocent!

You’ve heard there are some bad folk hanging around, and you’re not going to stand for it. No, not one bit. Luckily, you’ve got a way to fight back — your incredible fists. Yeah, you’re gonna punch whomever you suspect of being scum! That’ll do it! You’ll punch them so hard they won’t even feel it until next week — or at least tomorrow. Yeah.

Each night, you may pick someone to kill. They won’t drop dead until the end of the next day phase, though.
Vipera Magnifica — Flareon, the Traitor
You are mafia!

Well… not quite. But you really wanna be mafia! Mawile and Zero Moment won’t let you into their devious mayhem, but you know they’re responsible and you sure want in. And what better way to convince them to let you in than to pit the innocent townies against each other so the mafia can kill them more easily?

The mafia Quicktopic is here, but shh! Don’t post! As much as you want to be part of the mafia, it’s rude to just butt in on people’s conversations! Better for you to just listen in. After all, if you interrupt their private chat, you might just get modkilled.
Mawile — Pikachu, the Strongman
You are mafia!

Oh, it’s just so infuriating seeing all those normal Pokemon. You’re special. You’re better than all of them. You’re the franchise mascot, for crying out loud! Why are they taking up your precious living space? You know what you’ll have to do, right? You’ll just have to kill them.

Once per night, you can target one player to kill with Volt Tackle. This can strike through healing and roleblocking powers.

The mafia’s Quicktopic is here. Your comrade in arms is Zero Moment.
Superbird — Mew, the Dreaming God
You are innocent!

You are the ancestor of all Pokemon, and all of their DNA is derived from that in your cells, rendering you able to use any move (...somehow). Each night, you must select one of your favorite TMs to use, activating a powerful effect! But it’s been millenia since you’ve done any of this, so you don’t really remember what any of them do…

Your TMs are Safeguard, Echoed Voice, False Swipe, Sunny Day, Sleep Talk, Rest, Payback, Smack Down, Volt Switch, and Explosion.

1. Safeguard — During this night, all other night actions fail (and, if applicable, return a garbled result.)
2. Echoed Voice — During the next day phase, all votes count toward the first voted target, instead of whom each player actually voted for.
3. False Swipe — During the next day phase, if the lynchee is innocent, No Lynch happens instead.
4. Sunny Day — The blinding light of the sun publically reveals all Pokemon (but not roles).
5. Sleep Talk — During the rest of this night, the game thread is open to discussion.
6. Rest — The next day phase is skipped, giving two night phases in a row.
7. Payback — During the next day phase, all dead players have a vote, but cannot otherwise speak.
8. Smack Down — All posts during the next day must contain a vote for whom to lynch. Abstaining is not allowed.
9. Volt Switch — During the next day phase, if the lynchee is mafia, Superbird/Mew will be lynched instead.
10. Explosion — The Bomb immediately goes off.
Zero Moment — Gengar, the Bomber
You are mafia!

Oh, it’s awful to see all these unpopular Pokemon hanging around taking up your well-deserved space. After all, you’re super popular, right? Your Mega Evolution is banned from OU! That must mean you’re just so damn popular that everybody wants to use you… it can’t be that you’re overpowered. Yes, you’re definitely a big deal and all those other Pokemon don’t deserve to be around you. I guess… you’ll just have to kill them. With Shadow Balls Bombs. Yes, Bombs.

On Night Zero and any subsequent night in which a Bomb is not currently circulating, you may create a Bomb and pass it off onto a target of your choice. Each subsequent night, the person holding the Bomb may pass it off to another player. Each night, before the Bomb is passed off, it has a 1 in 10 chance of exploding, killing its holder.

The mafia’s Quicktopic is here. Your comrade in arms is Mawile.
Altissimo — Exeggutor, the Inventor
You are innocent!

You have a bunch of spare heads. Specifically, you have five heads, but you’d better keep one for yourself, so that makes four spares. You can give out one of these spares per night, and they’ll help the target figure out how to do something special for that night only. Your spare heads specialize in inspection, healing, roleblocking and killing.
Lilycolo — Venomoth, the Restless Spirit
You are innocent!

The forest is a spooky place, and you’re one of the spooky things in it. Seriously, moths are creepy. They’re like big butterflies, but hairy and gross, and they come out at nighttime. You’re a freaky scary spooky thing.

And you’re friends with all the other freaky scary spooky things in the forest, and because you’re friends, some of the forest spirits will be nice enough to channel your will if you die and relay it to the rest of the town. As a result, even after you die, you may still vote for lynchings in the game thread. (You may not include anything in your message except the bolded name of who you’re voting for — no explanations, no nothing.)
Metallica Fanboy — Fearow, the Lightningrod
You are innocent!

Yeah, you’re a total lightningrod. It’s ‘cause you fly so high in the air. That’s how it works, right? Things that are high up attract more lightning? Yeah. Fifth-grade science probably didn’t lie to me.

During the night, you may choose to fly up high and call all the night actions to you. You’re not bulletproof, so any kills will (gulp) actually kill you, but maybe with some luck this’ll help you take the heat off your friends so they can get rid of the mafia more easily.[/hide]


Mawile/Pikachu kills Superbird
ZM/Gengar passes the Bomb to Metallica Fanboy

Squirtles/Hitmonchan opts not to use his power
Superbird/Mew dreams of Sunny Day
Altissimo/Exeggutor gives healing invention to Mawile, who heals ZM
MF/Fearow opts not to use his power by default

Sunny Day is in effect (all Pokemon are revealed)
Superbird is killed
Metallica Fanboy is passed the Bomb, which does not explode


No lynch


Mawile/Pikachu kills Altissimo

Squirtles/Hitmonchan poisons Lilycolo
Altissimo/Exeggutor gives inspection invention to VM, who does not send in an action by the night deadline (but does not have any regular night action, so I’m not bothering sending a warning)
MF/Fearow by default is not using his power

Altissimo is killed
Lilycolo will die at the end of the day phase
Somehow I managed to mistakenly fail to notify MF that he had the Bomb last night, so we’ll just pretend he got it tonight and it does not explode (sorry about that mistake, y’all)


No lynch
Lilycolo dies of poisoning


Mawile/Pikachu kills Keldeo

Squirtles/Hitmonchan poisons nobody
MF/Fearow is by default not using his power

The Bomb doesn’t move. It (barely) rolls not to explode.

Keldeo is killed


Zero Moment is lynched


Mawile/Pikachu kills MF

Squirtles/Hitmonchan poisons VM
MF/Fearow is by default not using his power

The Bomb is passed from MF to Mawile. It rolls not to explode.

MF is killed
VM will die at the end of the day phase
Mawile receives the Bomb


VM is lynched and also dies of poisoning


Mawile/Pikachu kills Wargle

Squirtles/Hitmonchan poisons

The Bomb is passed from Mawile to Wargle. It rolls not to explode.

Wargle’s bulletproof designation is shattered
Wargle receives the Bomb


Mawile is lynched
Town wins
Fun game, but let me make one suggestion.

Please don't ever allow role PMs to be posted in-thread. It puts far too much pressure on the mafia faction, especially in a game where all the roles are known. It just makes the game really unbalanced. There's a reason this is banned in standard mafia play.
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