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Lacuna Labs: Memory Modification Services

3 experience from China in return for a nice signature attribute for said China, please.
Do you have anything in mind as to what sort of attribute you want? Something that's primarily damage-related or which does something else entirely? Any sort of theme you want it to conform to?

o: Not to be obnoxious or anything but I seem to only have gotten 1 candy, but all 6 exp are gone!
Sorry, there you go.
I would like something that has some sort of type- modifier. Maybe based off of Fireproof(although China has Levitate)?
I would like to change it's Psychic type. Hopefully replacing it with Fire. Or, just modifying it's movepool to add some Fire-type moves at the expense of some Psychic.
One exp from Castiel, one from Alec and one from Allitersonance for an extreme memory mod! Here are my ideas.

If you have ever seen Supernatural/know anything about Castiel, a move mod for Castiel. Something, obviously, spn/Castiel themed, but other than that I have no ideas so. Go wiiild. (Also, it can be for a togekiss rather than a togetic if that's necessary.) Second option is a body mod for Niska or a move mod to replace his current one, when he evolves. I'd liiiiike something that abuses phasing and you know, cruelty. :D Final option is something for Tye; possible something like, like, idk. Either with how clefa-line are sweet and cute-appearing but overly strong, or abusing magic guard, or something else entirely because if I had an idea I'd make it myself right. Ok that's it go.
Do you have any preference for one of those over the others? FWIW, I've seen only one episode of Supernatural--Castiel *was* in it, but only for about two minutes--and phasing is going away with the next rules update.




Uhg. e___e Castiel would be highest, but uh. Take Niska out if no phasing. And I'll put in Travis instead and. sdfds. Either body or move mod, doesn't matter and. I has no ideas. My mind is still stuck on no phasing. Bleh. But Travis would probably be second to Castiel.
Nah, phasing came from the league this one branched out from. I just codified it a bit more. And okay, I'll do one for each of those and see what you think.
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