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In Progress Life and Story: Dahlia


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So I started writing this story a few days ago and figured hey, why not post it. It's Phoenix Wright fanfiction, and focuses on the life of one Dahlia Hawthorne, because I am totally obessed with her character and thought it could make a good story. I haven't written anything besides formal essays in ages, though, and this is still a little bit... rough, so I'm not promising anything spectacular or even better than mediocre. I like the idea, though, and so I'm hoping to continue it and possibly make it kind of long-ish. At the moment I only have the prologue written, but I will most likely be writing more.

Oh, and this is important: THERE ARE EXTREME SPOILERS FOR PW:T&T. If you haven't played it, I highly reccomend that you don't read this, go play it, and then come back and read. It's best if you've played the game, anyway, because then you'll know the character and it's written assuming you know who the character is. Whether that was a wise move or not, I don't know. But anyway, you probably didn't come here to hear me babble, so...

Dahlia, Part I: Life and Story

It is autumn in Kurain. The day is relatively pleasant; slightly overcast, breezy, and cool, but not uncomfortably so. In a small garden near the edge of the village, a woman is sitting with her two young daughters, talking with them and looking towards the sky. The smaller of the two girls seems more interested in the leaves on the ground than her mother's words, but the other girl is listening with rapt attention, nodding at every pause.

If you were walking by this garden in Kurain, you might glance at them, smile, and continue on your merry way. If you were in the garden, perhaps reading, and catching a phrase every now and then, you might stop and wonder why this woman is speaking so seriously to her daughters; they don't look like they could be more than four or five years old, and you're sure that at that age, you wouldn't understand a word of what the woman sitting with her daughters is saying. Still, you might shrug and go back to your book. Perhaps they are particularly intelligent.

If you were the taller of the girls, the one whose eyes, young though they are, hold a determined fire that would startle you in a child four times her age, you would know that even though you don't truly understand all of what your mother is saying, it is important, and you must listen and remember what she is saying nonetheless. You would glare at your sister, who is not listening, instead looking at and picking up colorful leaves on the ground, and want to hit her. Is she stupid? Does she not understand that what your mother is telling you is important? You would narrow your eyes at your twin sister, and continue to listen. You hear of the future and of your destiny, and though your mother does not say it, you hear hints of what you know will be your success.

Because some things she is saying are confusing, you keep phrases and words in your head to remember and figure out later, and as you listen, you try to think past the long words and description your mother is giving you, to get at the heart of what she is saying. You calculate, you reason.

Your sister is playing with leaves.

Your name would be Dahlia Fey, and your sister would be Iris. You would know that you are better than her, your sister who understands nothing of the importance of destiny and power. You admit to yourself that in all reality, neither do you, but you are paying (fierce) attention; you are at least trying to understand. You know that you will understand. Your mother, Morgan Fey, is taking this extremely seriously, and you would like nothing more than to prove your worth to her. Your sister, your foolish, ignorant sister, who will never become what you will become, is not listening. She is smiling and looking at the colored leaves on the ground. She leans over and picks up the ones that look out of place as you walk through the garden, lost in her own world.

You would glare at her. But you know that she does not (cannot?) understand, and so you smile, and continue listening to your mother's words.


Watching Dahlia Fey, you would never be able to guess how much anger and determination she lived in. Seeing her when she is a small child, you might see fire in her eyes at certain words, certain ideas; a glimpse of an uncommonly fierce passion, only to be cloaked later with the innocence you would expect to see in the eyes of a young girl.

If you are paying attention, you might notice that as Dahlia grows older, the passion in her eyes seems, all of a sudden, to vanish, innocence consuming them.

Unless you are paying very close attention, you would never know that anger and passion are far, far from gone from Dahlia Fey; that innocence and beauty are only a mask. You would, most likely, continue on with your life, and never spare a second thought to the girl with braided red hair and cloaked fire in her eyes. Like the rest of the world, you wouldn't ever see the hateful, angry, tragic girl that was Dahlia Fey.

You wouldn't think to look long enough to see that what she needed, all she needed, was someone to understand. Someone to understand passion and anger, determination and hate.

Someone to understand fire, and, perhaps more importantly, someone to understand ice.


Alright yeah so the ending is kind of arghaaadrifuidjnnm,s and I was fiddling with it and it is still... I'm still not happy with it. Like I said, the whole thing is kind of rough and I don't know if the ideas were clear enough, or if they were too clear or what, and really this still just needs work. But, if you want, I'd love it if you would comment and tell me what you think of it thus far.
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I like it.

Although, the description was a bit vague (maybe too much). The way you threw in all that thought, it really give out a good understanding of the character. And overall, I just like it. I can't pin point exactly what I like about it, but it seems to attract me.

Hehe, BTW, I've only gotten through have of T&T >_>

Keep it up!


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I like the second bit; my favourite part was the "cloaked later with the innocence you would expect to see in the eyes of a young girl." line because it's very Dahlia; even when she's grown up, she hides behind her innocent appearance and I can imagine her doing it from a young age.