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Lord of the Fireflies vs Meursault

Well, the only difference is that Kazan will get the exp. by hitting last, which is the sole reason I wanted him to wait for Kaitei to move first.

Moving on!

This is perfect. Kaitei, you were a real bro out there, and now you can work with you partner to take down the lesser monkeysloth, since he's still standing! Don't be too impressed by the giant primal Groudon here, he's just here to watch! Show him what water-types can do.

Begin with an Air Slash, then Secret Power while standing in the grass, then Helping Hand. If the sloth Protects, go for a Focus Energy instead.

Air Slash / Focus Energy ~ Secret Power / Focus Energy ~ Helping Hand / Focus Energy

Kazan, it's great to see you're not ded. Try some Drain Punches to regain as much health as you can to keep it that way. Switch to Fire Blast if Yuzuko tries to Counter, and Focus Energy if she Protects.

Drain Punch / Fire Blast / Focus Energy
Welp, apparently I made a booboo and monferno doesn't learn drain punch. I edited the calcs but am too tired atm to edit the reffing, hopefully I can do that tomorrow, but in the meantime feel free to re-command, LotF.
Oh, thanks pathos!

Welp, that complicates things a tiny bit, but I'm sure we'll be all right, the Rainbow Generator God is on our side!

Kaitei, you'll have to go for full hax this time! Secret Power all the way, make sure you stand in the grass while doing so. If Yuzuko is asleep, try some Rock Smash. If they Protect, use Focus Energy.

Secret Power / Rock Smash / Focus Energy x3

Kazan, try some Headbutts until Yuzuko is alseep. After that, honor your god and FIRE BLASSSSSS

if they protect focus energy yo

Headbutt / Fire Blast / Focus Energy x3
Meursault is DQed, I will use my ASBdb superpowers to close the battle

EDIT: Kazan gets the KO, right? He was specifically commanded to time his move so he could score the KO, and as far as I can tell, there's no reason it wouldn't have worked (despite pathos leaving it ambiguous)?
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