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Make your own SSb movesets

Name: Excel [for those who have seen Excel Saga]

Standard attack:

Smash attacks:

Special attacks:
-B+Down: Puchuu: Excel picks up a Puchuu from nowhere, and defends herself with it. Upon bein hit with an attack, the Puchuu reveals its true form and disappears.

Jump attacks:

Grab: Standard Grab.

Grab+A: Headbutt

Final Smash: Hail Il palazzo!: Il Palazzo appears in the background and does one of two options. All this time, Excel has gone into her own little dream world.
1: Releases three psychic waves, slightly less powerful than Tabuu’s, but unavoidable.
2: Pulls a rope lever that destroys the main part of the stage, other than that which Excel is standing on for 5 seconds. Imagine trapdoor.

Taunt 1: Mitsuo! Menda! Naha Naha!
Taunt 2: Chases Menchi around in a circle, while holding a knife and fork.

I'll update once I've reviewed the entire series of jokes.
These are all the moves i think

Final Smash+B+Neutral:

generally these would be the same as their ground counterparts, but with some differences (such as link's up B)
Character: L (Death Note)

Standard attack: A front kick

Smash attacks:
-A+Up: Hands go on the ground, and his feet fly up, giving the opponent a bicycle kick.
-A+Side: You lay your hands and head on the ground, and donkey kick in the direction you chose.
-A+Down:You lay on the ground, and do some kind of splits, while spinning.

Special attacks:
-B: You throw sweets.
-B+Up: You throw up some hand cuffs, and they knock out anything that gets in the way. You then climb up them.
-B+Side: You do a flying side kick.
-B+Down: You sit down and drink tea. You are invincible for a short amount of time. Does 10% to you when you use it.

Jump attacks:
-Jump+A: Ninja kick.
-Jump+A+Up: Attacks with hand cuffs.
-Jump+A+Side: Spins in the air, kicking anything it hits.
-Jump+A+Down: Axe kicks.


Grab+A: Wrap the opponent in hand cuffs.

Final Smash: You get down in meditation, using your mega brain powers, and, after finding who's guilty, one opponent, randomly, is killed, with no chance at survival.

Taunt 1: I could so fall for you.
Taunt 2: But you are guilty. (waves finger)
Character: Regi Trio

Standard attack: Laser (front)
Smash attacks:
-A+Up: Headbutt (Ice:Freezes)
-A+Side: Knee Kick (rock: rock breaks off of his foot)
-A+Down: Kick (steel: Metal wave comes off his foot)

Special attacks:
-B: Laser Shoot: Shoots multiple short laser shots in about 4 secs.
-B+Up: AncientPower: Break rocks below you and you fly upwards.
-B+Side: Power Swap: Like P.K Trainers switch move, switch between Regice,Registeel and Regirock
-B+Down: Aura Beam : Shoots a laser at the floor which bounces off of the floor and hits above.

Jump attacks:
-Jump+A: Jump Kick
-Jump+A+Up: Up Smash: Both arms whack upwards.
-Jump+A+Side: Blizzard: Ice Flows forward then up
-Jump+A+Down: Weak kick, but works well as a spike.

Grab: Grab

Grab+A: Whack down on floor and stomps on

Final Smash: Regirock: Earth Power- Regice: Ice Beam (like ROB's) Registeel :Self Destruct (explodes) teleports somewhere else

Entrance: a wave of pixelly water coming from the right washes over the stage and reveals Missingno.

Standard attack: Tackle

Smash attacks:
-A+Up: Rams upwards with a spray of pixels
-A+Side: Falls over sideways and crushes anyone underneath
-A+Down: Spins while balancing on a corner

Special attacks:
-B: Glitch pulse (a charge-up attack that releases a small wave of pixels from all sides)
-B+Up: Sky attack (grows corrupted, pixelly wings, launches up, and falls down somewhat slowly. Needs to be charged to reach full height)
-B+Side: Water gun (sprays water very forcefully to do damage)
-B+Down:Water gun (Spins around a little and a bunch of water leaks out of the pixely cracks that damege and makes a puddle that increases tripping and electric attacks)

Jump attacks:
-Jump+A: Spin slice
-Jump+A+Up: Front flip
-Jump+A+Side: Diagonal pixel kick
-Jump+A+Down: Bottom-blowout (Missingno.'s bottom part opens up and a pixelly explosion comes out)

Grab: Pixel tentacle (also a tether recovery)

Grab+A: Wrap (squeeeeeeeze...)

Final Smash: 128 Items! (Missingno. floats up to the top of the stage and starts casually dropping items. After the 7th item, the item tossing will stop and Missingno. will then shoot 128 copies of the 7th item at super speed! These items will hurt badly and will be destroyed upon contact, even if you try to catch it.)

Up Taunt: Pulls out a picture of its girlfriend (Female symbol) and then puts it away.
Over Taunt: Spins around and spreads sparkly pixels
Down Taunt: Falls over like a cardboard cutout and hops back upright

Snake Codec:

Snake: What is that thing?
Otacon: That "thing" is known as Missingno. It's a Glitch pokemon.
Snake: A what?
Otacon: That's not very important right now. Anyways, Missingno. knows a variety of pixel-based and water-based moves. He's technology's worst nightmare!
Snake: Strange...
Otacon: It also has the ability to duplicate the 7th df sdfghshffgh....
Snake: What was that last part? I didn't really catch it.
Otacon: dfnjsdfogsdf sdfg dsfghjsdfg134345uareD0000mdeded!!!!11!11gf
Snake: Darn codec thing reception...
I was bored, so I made a character moveset (kinda) like the dojo would. I'm trying to talk like the guy who writes these. Tell me if I do.


Challenger approaching!

Picture of Kumatora

Who's this? The spunky princess of Oshoe Castle, Kumatora! Like Ness and Lucas, she can use PSI powers, uses she uses them diffrently than our child friends. For example

<Side B: PK Freeze>
Picture of Kumatora sending a gust of frosty air from her hands

You may recongize this as Lucas's neutral B. However, this works much diffrently. Kumatora sends a burst of cold air from her fingertips. What could that do?

Picture of Pikachu about to be hit by PK Freeze

Bah, that won't hurt me!

Picture of Pikachu frozen

Think again! This attack does quite a bit of damage, and may freeze your opponent.

<Neutral B: PK Brainshock>
Picture of what looks like PK Flash/Freeze, but a mix of red, blue, yellow, and purple

Brainshock! This move stays true to it's name. How so?

Picture of Kumatora using Brainshock next to Bowser

This won't even phase the King of the Koopas... Will it?

Picture of Bowser stunned

Maybe it will! Instead of damaging the opponent, Brainshock stuns them. It moves in a wider arc than Ness and Lucas'.

<Down B: PK Ground>
Picture of Kumatora crouched with a wave on pink-purple energy around her

PK Ground, arguably Kumatora's best move from Mother 3. With it, she sends a wave of PSI power in an area around her. It obviously isn't as powerful as it was before, but you can still rank up a good amount of damage with it.

Picture of Kumatora crouched with King Dedede next to her

So this PSI stuff seems pretty weak!

Picture of Kumatora unleashing PK Ground with a larger radius

I was just kidding! PK Ground can be charged, but getting it to maximum damage may take a while. Use it to your advantage on small stages!

<Up B: PK Thunder>
Picture of Kumatora using a yellow PK Thunder

PK Thunder... Again. You use it to hit yourself and fly up. Why is it so special when she does it?

Picture of Kumatora hitting Wario with PK Thunder

For one thing, Kumatora's PK Thunder gives more knockback.

Picture of Kumatora going to hit herslef with PK Thunder

And it makes closer turns. In addition to this, the tail is longer and the ball is bigger. It can be pretty handy.

<Final Smash: PK Starstorm>

Didn't Ness and Lucas have this in Brawl? They did. But this is diffrent than theirs. How, exactly? Isn't it always a bunch of stars raining upon an opponent? Technically yes...

Picture of Kumatora holding a Smash Ball

Kumatora grabs a Smash Ball!

Picture of Kumatora in the Starstorm hover pose thing whatever

And she lets it loose!

Picture of a pink PK Starstorm raining down in a pattern

Much like Ness and Lucas, but this lasts longer and goes out in a pattern.

Many pictures of Kumatora fighting

Kumatora can be a bit hard to master, but I'm sure you can do it. When her moves are strong when used right, they can deal some heavy damage, so watch out!
I'll do Coronamon and Lunamon
Entrance: Comes out from fire.
Smash attacks:
-A+Up: Uppercut
-A+Side: Tackle
-A+Down: Body Slam

Special attacks:
-B: Corona Flame
-B+Up: Holy Shot
-B+Side: Coro-Knuckle
-B+Down: Petit Prominence

Jump attacks:
-Jump+A: Tail Slam
-Jump+A+Up: Spin Upwards
-Jump+A+Side: Cartwheel
-Jump+A+Down: Bounce Downwards


Grab+A: Chuck

Final Smash: Digivolution (Apollomon) http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Apollomon.jpg

Entrance: Comes out from ice.

Smash attacks:
-A+Up: High Jump Kick
-A+Side: Tackle
-A+Down: Body Slam

Special attacks:
-B: Demi Dart
-B+Up: Luna Claw
-B+Side:Tear Shoot
-B+Down: Lop Ear Ripple

Jump attacks:
-Jump+A: Ear Attack
-Jump+A+Up: Uppercut
-Jump+A+Side: Somersault
-Jump+A+Down: Tackle


Grab+A: Chuck

Final Smash: Digivolution (Dianamon) http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Dianamon.jpg
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Character: Arcanine

Entrance: Arcanine dashes onto stage using Extremespeed.

Standard attack: Bite (3%)

Smash attacks:
-A+Up: Arcanine rears upon his hind legs and releases a blast of fire. (6%)
-A+Side: Fire Fang; Arcanine's mouth is set alight, and he delivers a terrible bite. (7%)
-A+Down: Arcanine delivers a quick blast of fire on both sides. (5%)

Special attacks:
-B: Scream: Flamethrower; Similar to Bowser's and Charizard's. (3% for each hit)
-B+Side: Extremespeed; Arcanine rushes forward at high speeds, taking everyone in fromt of him with him. (2% for each hit)
-B+Down: Swagger; When Arcanine uses this move, any brawler standing on the platform on which Arcanine is standing is dizzy for a short time, but afterwards their attacks hurt Arcanine x1.5. (N/A)

Jump attacks:
-Jump+A: Arcanine kicks upwards. (5%)
-Jump+A+Up: Arcanine does three corkscrews in midair. (4% for every hit)
-Jump+A+Side: Arcanine swipes out in the direction he's facing. (6%)
-Jump+A+Down: Arcanine falls to the ground, claws extended. (6%)

Grab: Arcanine traps the opponent in his jaws.

Grab+A: Arcanine bites slightly harder. (4%)

Final Smash: Everyone brawling is trapped in a huge, superhot fire that can only be avoided by hiding behind a structure, box, etc. Doesn't effect any items on field. At the end of the smash, the brawlers are cataputed outwards.
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