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New Pokemon Snap! (for the switch)


All is fair in love and war
How are people enjoying the game? I loved original Snap on the N64, and I'm really enjoying this game :D The photo editing is really nice, and I like the missions the NPCs give you (that end up leading you to cooler photos in the process!)

How about we share some photos, too? Here's some of mine so far:

I wasn't originally going to play pokémon snap, since i never played the original, but after seeing those pictures, i think my mind has been changed...
I am terminally out of sync with the general pulse of things so have seen basically no game uploads & I only played a bit at my friends house & I did NOT KNOW YOU COULD ADD SO MUCH TO THE PHOTOS HELLO

it is VERY interesting how that glow filter is applied retroactively to the render
(I assume) (maybe completely wrongly since I can have just not gotten to the environments that do that ingame)
These are truly next dimensional filters....

very good n great photo edits. im obsessed with the scorbunny. 11/10

My friend summarised the mysteriously addictive quality of the game perfectly
"I didn't know how the concept could still hold up, but it turns out it's just like the 300 pics I take of my dogs a day except variety and you can throw things at them"

Meanwhile you can see just how far I got to play that this will probably be my magnum opus
I'm not sure if I feel like playing it myself, but I'm definitely loving all the snapshots people are posting and the cute interaction videos. I've always been really fond of the concept of just observing Pokémon in their natural habitat like real animals. (David Attenborough style mockumentary would be neeeeat)

The out of context Pokémon twitter has got a lot of good ones. Some favourites:

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I'm really enjoying the game (even if the quests and the alternate paths might just kill me, omg)
I'm really enjoying the game (even if the quests and the alternate paths might just kill me, omg)
mood of the century

anyways! I was avoiding spoilers for a solid while there, but, since that is no longer a concern, allow me to start with this: holy SHIT this game is good. it's fun, it's beautiful, it's engaging, and it feels very much full of life. at the very least, it was "full of life" enough to get my cousin's dog barking at Mightyena and Furret... although she also barked at Fire Emblem horses and Morgana from Persona 5, so I guess it's not that much of a litmus

I definitely consider it worthy a successor to Pokémon Snap, as well as something even well beyond that. it's short a few of the wackier things in the old snap (Charmeleon evolution, anyone?), but it's got pleeeeenty of its own repertoire of wacky shit to make up for that (to which I'd nominate, let's see... half of anything you can get a Pyukumuku to do). every course is incredibly deep, and an amazing variety of objectives to pursue gives you different things to do everytime you're on the track! (unless you're on the track for the 7th freaken time attempting to get this one thing to happen--)

the one thing I really don't like is how a few things are just outright RNG, which, as much as it might contribute to the natural feel of the game, tends to result in situations where you need to play an entire track like 4 times because luck is not on your side (and hey, since luck is already not on your side, good luck catching a solid shot of the thing when it does happen!). oh well; I guess Bandai Namco is just incorrigible about that particular game design habit. I've at least mercifully found that it's not many things that this happens to -- or maybe I just haven't spotted them all because you only really notice the RNG when it is antagonizing you.

anyways, if I figure out how to get my photos all the way from the switch to up here, I'll be sure to show you all some shots. in particular, you all must see the Machamp I edited into doing the Alas, Poor Yorick! scene-
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