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Nostalgia in Pokémon Games


Back in action!
Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

(If you don't know, nostalgia means "a longing for the past.")
I've been playing my old Blue file lately, and decided to come up with this: Do you have nostalgia for the old times of Pokémon?

I remember the first time I ever played a Pokémon game.

I stepped through the creaky door, a bell clinging, ringing my ears. My body shook.
This was my first time to the dentist, when I was about five.
Carefully, I sat down in the nearest chair. My father went up to the counter, and asked the person sitting behind the counter something.
My sister and I looked, curious, at the box he held. It opened vertically, in two parts. My sister took it from his hand, opening it up and flipping the switch, activating the console and the large, blue cartridge inside. I had heard of these before, but never seen one until now.

Pokémon Blue, the screen read.
"Charmander." Sis said the lizard's name as I looked on. She moved on to 'Squirtle' and 'Bulbasaur.'
"Charmander," I repeated. "I like that one."
"Let's call it Firemy," she said, after thinking for a moment. I nodded.

That describes the first time I played Pokémon. Those good times... it was three years until I got the first game I owned myself.

How about you?
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

when i first got pokemon red...
... i thought your house was a pokemon centre, and i couldn't even find my way out of the house
god i was such a noob
i don't think i ever completed my first playthrough...
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

Sapphire: couldn't find my way past that one ledge right after Littleroot where you have to go through the grass to get around it.

Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

Ah, those were good times. I remember it took me years just to reach/defeat the Elite Four in Crystal, when I was 5. :3
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

I remember that my first game was Ruby :D

I chose Treecko and named it Rescuer.

And I thought Toxic was the only move that affected ghosts.

And I thought that after you beat the champion you got to run your own gym.
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

going through the city (forgot its name) in Gold, just caught a ditto, was so pleased with myself thinking it was gonna be the strongest pokemon ever since it could turn into any pokemon, I sure was disappointed
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

I never understood how to leave buildings, and my brother tricked me into thinking that there were more Master Balls, so I used it on a Growlithe in Red.
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

My first game was Red Version, right when it first came out. I'd been hearing about the game everywhere, and we were about to go on a long car trip, so my parents were letting me buy a video game to keep myself entertained. I picked Red because there was a Pikachu on the back of the box, which led to me thinking that you could only get Pikachu in that game for some reason.

I read the manual on the way home from Toys R' Us. There was a note in the manual that Bulbasaur was the easiest Pokemon for beginners, so I'd already decided to pick him when I started playing. My parents told me not to run down my Gameboy's battery before the trip the next day, so I played with an AC Adapter. I got so addicted to it my first night of playing that somehow the batteries got too hot, and my dad had to take them out and let them cool down. Haa, memories.

And 10 years later, I'm still playing these silly games. :p
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

oh my god

The first time I ever played a pokemon game was Gold version at my friend's house. He happened to have saved in a pokecenter, so I just kind of wandered around in there until I found the second floor. I went over and talked to the lady running the Time Machine, and she said something like "TYPHLOSION can't be entered." So, I went to the PC and released his typhlosion. Then, I went back to the Time Machine, and the lady said "AMPHAROS can't be entered". I went back over to the PC and released his ampharos. Then, I went back to the Time Machine, and she said "TOGEPI can't be entered,"so I released his togepi. I kept doing this until he grabbed the game out of my hands.

Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

Pokemon Blue. Oh man, those were the days. I picked Bulbasaur. I didn't have too many difficulties with it, except the Elite Four stumped me. I traded 2 higher level Pokemon (lower 60s) (the second best moment of my Pokemon career, seeing my friend's Haunter evolve :D), and Agatha still eternally trumped me. D: I attempted to bring in a Ditto (same logic as Raichu Grunt) and everything. And nothing worked. : ( Of course, I just didn't know how to battle was probably it. I never got through that playthrough, and sadly have managed to lose the game. I got Red way later on, but I personally don't think anything beats one's first playthrough in Pokemon. :D

And there was more to that first game. I remember it vivdly. I was at a wedding, playing Blue with a friend of mine watching. And so I had just gotten frustrated at Pokemon Mansion (again! that place was also problematic), and decided to surf somewhere else. So I hop on Dewgong and we're off. And I run into a wild Pokemon. On the coast of Cinnabar. Yes, you probably know where this is going. :D

I saw M block. It was crazy. My friend and I were going nuts. And it kicked my team's ass. So I decide to explore further. Some more surfing yieled MissingNo. Which was at lvl 255 so it also kicked my ass. After running into some Tauros (we didn't actually question why they were there), we found M block again. I caught it. Fwee...
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

It took forever for me to get a game, even though I had been a fan for a while...

But CRYSTAL. Man, that ice path was so tough for me, I went out and trained on Weepinbel for around three years. Then I got through that stupid cave, and whooped everyone's but with my level 60's. :D
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

My first game: Ruby. Yeah, I'm not a very old fan. But I got Ruby, then Gold, then FireRed, then Diamond, and then Pearl. I remember I was so scared of walking inside caves and stuff... I was completely freaked out. I remember that I thought that if a Team [Evil team here] person saw me I would like die or something.
And I always start with the water type, besides in FireRed. I heart Charmander.
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

I got Hey you Pikachu when I was 5 or 6, and boy did I love it. Those were the days. After that, I got Gold, and after that, I got Blue, and after that, I got Colosseum (my little brother's. He wanted it), and after that, I got Ruby, and it just keeps going.

Although I have a different Gold now, because my old one was stolen in 2006. My level 86 Feraligatr! D:
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Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

I remember always using Mewtwo in the Elite 4. Never had to use another Pokemon. I then decided to bring ONLY Mewtwo

Lorelei beat me right away D:

Still, good times :D
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

I remember when I first got Blue when I was like, uh...4? I loved it. But I hated the battling and made my mom do all the work while I just walk around. x3

Then I got Yellow. I thought it was just AMAZING that Pikachu followed you around everywhere. Then, on my 6th birthday, I got Ruby (and still played Yellow most of the time :P), then I saw someone at Karate lessons that had Sapphire. And a Seviper. (I was in love with Sevipers when RS first came out.) And now, I have Pearl, and about 30 lvl 100s and 700 hours on my save file. xD

edit: Darksong, you got your first Pokemon game at the dentist?
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

Ahh, yes, Pokemon Yellow.


those were the days
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

@Renteura: Not exactly. They had it, and let me play for a while while I waited for my appointment. It was theirs, but they let other people borrow it while they were waiting. It sure was fun, though.
Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

My first Pokémon game was Yellow.
I got it when I was 3 or 4.
I got stuck in my house for AGES,
I think thats why they put arrows when you're about to exit. :D
I plowed through all the annoying trainers with my mighty Nidoking, which was level 68 until I lost the whole game. D;
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