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Oh, hello there.

Ħ჻չ βєէą ℓíიєş չ჻Ħ

Your words are under construction.
I'm Ħ჻չ βєէą ℓíიєş չ჻Ħ, but you can call me just about anything you want. :3
I'm new to this site, but I've actually been stalking it for quite awhile. c:

So I just stumbled upon the Introduction area, and really want to get rid of that header.. notice-thing. |D

I really like Scyther, but Butterfree is awesome too. >w<
My other favorite Pokemon include Marowak, Sandslash, and the three Kanto starters. And.. Nidoran Male. 'Specially shiny. <3
But other than Pokemon, I love to draw and write.
And.. That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment.
So, yeah.
Ħ჻չ βєէą ℓíიєş չ჻Ħ out! ^^
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Squornshellous Beta

World Of Pillows
Hey, I'm Beta! :O You can be Beta Lioes 'cause they're the closest things to your name that're actually typable.
But hey, and I'll give you the Tea and Cod since no-one else is.


Willst du?
Hey, I'm Beta! :O
No, you aren't. I am. You, are Joseph. (Why no, I seriously won't stop calling you that.)

Welcome to the immense tea-cod, where our main diet is, you guessed it, tea and cod. Oh, and we eat lots of cookies, too.

Well, have fun, liek Mudkipz, obey the rules, and maybe check out ASB or the Forum Games while you're at it. :D

Squornshellous Beta

World Of Pillows
I'm not Joseph! For Arceus' sake, why do you assume that I'm him! Now, in the interest of preventing this thread from degenerating into a flame war, you will stop calling me that now please.

Sorry about this, Beta Lioes.