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Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


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Has Nintendo said anything about why they're coming out a week later in Europe than everywhere else?


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I figured it was because Europe severly broke the street date for X/Y. That was right, right?


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
My guess is it means they put physical copies of the games up for sale early.
Either that or, they didn't stock enough and the demand was much higher than they expected.

Could be wrong though, I've never heard the phrase street date either.

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Street date is the official date, I'm guessing.

So, what version are you guys getting? I'm getting Sapphire.


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Retailers get copies of games before their official release date for the sake of inventory etc. However, they are not allowed to sell these games before the release date (the
street date"). If you do, you get highly penalized.

I'm getting Alpha Sapphire, since my first Gen III game was Sapphire.


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Someone uploaded a video of the new Hoopa forme (apparently called Hoopa Unbound) using its new fancy signature move. As I suspected, the thing looks much better in action than in the blurry little dex image. :O

I'm gonna get Omega Ruby because Ruby was my first gen 3 game (and red is my favourite colour). But yeah, not getting it until next week. :C


I'm getting both! But I'm still not sure which one I'll use for Pokédex completion and which I'll use for my constant restarting.