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(OOC) Bleach: Arrancar de la Arena

Lil Kuchiki

I'm like a sassy beverage. Sass-parilla. eeey

The sand of Hueco Mundo silently creeps along, riding on the currents of wind. The ruins of Las Noches still remain, 35 years after Lord Aizen’s defeat. No longer do Hollows wander underground. They now congregate at the ruins, to be united under their leader, and even the most bestial are willing to comply, to ignore their hunger for souls.

They would go to any lengths for their new master. A master greater than even Lord Aizen. A master who is, completely and wholly, a hollow. Ladislao Venceslás.

He had been nothing but one of Aizen’s Numeros. A pawn in his little game. But he had escaped the battles. He alone had survived the crisis that once plagued Las Noches, where even the mighty Espada had been destroyed at the hands of the Substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo Kurosaki. And after, he had gone to the weaker hollows. They followed him, and just like the Espada Grimmjow, they offered him their flesh. And he feasted. He feasted, commanded others to feast, and then feasted on them. He reclaimed the ruins of Las Noches, renaming it “Dos Noches,” and commanded his new empire from the ruined throne. He very soon had power equal to the Espada. He gave others power, helped create more Arrancar, built an army greater than even Aizen could have imagined. He has been building his army for the last 35 years.

Now, even Coyote Stark would tremble at Venceslás’ might. Just as the Arrancar messenger before him trembles under the sheer power of his spiritual pressure. “My lord…” The messenger bows on one knee. “Your armies stand ready. The soldiers are wondering… Are we preparing to take something? An artifact like Lord Aizen brought, maybe? Are we going to the Soul Society?”

Lord Venceslás only laughs. “No, idiot. The Soul Society could hardly get its strongest fighters to deal with Aizen’s pathetic little militia. His army was built in a matter of months. Mine was built over the course of years.” He smiles softly to himself. “We are going to the Soul Society. But not to take anything. No, we’re going to obliterate the entire place. We’ll level it all, everything! The Soul Reapers, and the filthy maggots crawling outside their walls in the Rukon District. And we’ll feast on their souls, oh, a glorious feast. And then we are free to charge through the world of the living as we please. Lord Aizen sought to gain more and more power, no matter what. He always wanted more. I have my power. Now I’m going to use it to destroy the only competition left. That is where we are going. Tell them that.

The messenger nods, and hobbles off, barely able to move under the weight of his master’s spiritual pressure. Lord Venceslás continues speaking to himself. “Aizen had ten Espada-level Arrancar. And here I stand with at least fifty of them. Plus a thousand or so other Arrancar. The Soul Reapers will fall. And I will stand at the top of a mountain of corpses. And all that’s left is to organize my forces. A month at the least.”


You are a Soul Reaper. A member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads in the Seireitei, the heart of the Soul Society. Your Zanpakuto is your blade, able to take on a unique form called “Shikai,” which grants both you and the sword extraordinary abilities. You serve under your captain loyally, carrying out missions as ordered. You have just received a Hell Butterfly bearing a message. You are to report immediately to Sokyoku Hill to gather with the rest of your comrades.

You have been selected for an expedition to Hueco Mundo, home of the evil spirits known as Hollows. There have been too few Hollows in the world of the living, and their absence is meddling with the natural balance of the universe. You are to travel to Hueco Mundo, discover the reason behind this odd behavior, and return the information to the Soul Society, and await further orders.


1.Sues. No.

2.Grammar. Yes.

3.Length. More than just a few sentences. Make stupid observations and idle conversation if you have to.

4.Don’t control anyone else’s characters.

5.Leave the majority of NPCs to me and Ulqi. You can control NPCs you’re fighting, or random strangers, but the big ‘uns should be left to us.

6.No you can’t be a Captain or Lieutenant. Or a character from the show. Deal with it.

7.Yes, you have to be a Soul Reaper. No Substitute Soul Reapers, either.

8.No Hollowfication or Bankai for now. That comes later. Maybe you’ve been training for Bankai for nearly ten years by now, though.

9.Have fun, kiddies.


Remember, Ulqi has authority to boot you from the RP if you misbehave. And Accept/deny forms, that to.




Name: Should probably be Japanese-Sounding. Just make it your favorite Manga artist or something. Or Ninja warrior. I use Ninja Warrior.

Gender: Dur.

Age: Not really important. Can be anything under 500.

Squad: 1-13. Please be mindful of which squad you pick based on your character. (Reference right here)

Rank: Use the reference page given above. Pick 3rd seat-20th seat, being mindful of officers listed on the reference page.

Appearance: Should be fairly descriptive. Describe even with pictures just in case the picture gets deleted or the account gets removed or something. You never know. Also, Soul Reapers have uniforms. Make sure you have a uniform that you customize so you aren't boring and stupid.

Personality: Just a general guideline, give us an idea of how your character typically is in a sentence or two.


ZANPAKUTO (Ideas can be found here)

Name: You can roughly translate the name given by the generator to japanese one word at a time right here. If you don't feel like it, I'll do it for you. Lazy.

Command: The word/words used to release your Zanpakuto. (For example, "ROAR, Zabimaru!" or “RAIN OVER THE FROSTED HEAVENS, Hyorinmaru!”)

Shikai: Describe the physical appearance of your shikai.

Shikai Powers: Describe the powers of your shikai. Try to be a little original. Powers supplied by the generator should be twisted or combined, not directly copied. And don't make an ultimate sword, that's just stupid.


-Lil Kuchiki/Ayako Kasagawa/3rd seat of Squad 6
-Ulqi-Chan/Lamourna Takekuro/4th seat of Squad 6
-Black Yoshi/Kazuhiko Urushihara/7th seat of Squad 11
-Nightmane/Jacen Ralvarn/5th seat of Squad 1
-Leon/Leon Ichimino/5th[6th?] seat of Squad 11-Pending edit
-Skyman/Sakamoto Taiki/6th seat of Squad 2
-Thorne/Naoki Namida/3rd seat of Squad 3


Yes, it is a lot of work for one character. I promise, though, this'll be fun. When Hollowfication and Bankai are allowed, I'll put out a form for each one, which will require approval.
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Lil Kuchiki

I'm like a sassy beverage. Sass-parilla. eeey
My form:


Name: Ayako Kitagawa

Gender: Chicky

Age: 453

Squad: 6

Rank: 3rd Seat

Appearance: She has a dark grey color in her eyes, mixed with some lighter grey, giving them an almost mystical foggy look. Her wavy, dark chocolate brown hair falls around her shoulders. She wears the standard Soul-Reaper uniform, with the addition of a thin, black choker and her uniform being parted a bit.

Personality: She’s a firm believer that fights are pointless 95% of the time, and as such is a big fan of Kido Magic. She’ll use various Bakudo Techniques to halt fights she comes across that have little reason behind them. That said, she does enjoy a good fight herself, and if she deems it necessary, is a good person to have by your side in nearly any fight.


Name: Konpakukiri(Phantom Mist)

Command: “Let the shroud rise, Konpakukiri!”

Shikai: Elegant blue-silver Glaive with a large pipe close to the handle, pointed the same direction as the blade.

Shikai Powers: Analgesic mist that prevents everyone within from feeling pain, allowing for lethal strikes to go unnoticed until it is too late. Also obscures vision. (Derp)


Where have I been at?
May I join?

Name: Jacen Ralvarn

Gender: Male

Age: 250

Squad: One
Rank: 5th seat

Appearance: Jacen Ralvarn is a young teenager with short black hair and fair skin. He wears the traditional clothes of a Soul Reaper, but doesn't wear the sash. His Zanpakto is sheathed across his back in a black sheath. He sometimes wears a golden headband that he keeps in the folds of his robe. He also has gloves.

Personality: Jacen is very social and loves to joke around. Yet, he knows when to become serious. During battles, Jacen is fierce and will not hesitate to protect those he cares about. Jacen may become silent if he suspects an enemy or a traitor nearby.


Name: Palara
Command: Almighty Palara, Unleash thy burning vengence upon your enemies. Strike now!!!

Shikai: a cloaked being that hovers in the air. It is unknown who hids behind the cloak. The only thing you see are two burning eyes of flame.

Shikai Powers: The Shikai can create fires and dissolve into shadows. It can also set the Zanpakto on fire.

I hope thats good enough. :grin:
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Lil Kuchiki

I'm like a sassy beverage. Sass-parilla. eeey
Luxcario, you are indeed reserved~

Nightmane... I feel like this is my fault. I probably should have said that Soul Reapers have uniforms. See, right nyah? My bad. -.-; I'll add that to the form to make sure nobody else does that. Edit your clothes, and you're accepted.

AND JUST TO MAKE SURE, I should also tell everyone not terribly familiar with Bleach that Soul Reapers often customize their uniforms, so don't just go, "Ah they just have a plain uniform." Have something different. Rip off the sleeves for all I care, just do something.

So, yeah, sorry for that, Nightmane.

Black Yoshi

HELL YES Squad 11 all the way! Long live Kenpachi.


Name: Kazuhiko Urushihara

Gender: Male

Age: 236

Squad: 11

Rank: 7th Seat

Appearance: His uniform is largely unadorned, but he does bandage his hands for fights. He has shoulder-length scraggly black hair, with a light blue streak right down the middle. His eyes are a matching blue.

Personality: A true squad eleven member at heart, he lives for combat. To him, Kido and Kido-based Zanpakuto are cowardly and weak, and excuse for people who can’t hold their own in a real fight. He’ll rush headlong into any battle, use anything as an excuse for a fight. If you cut him, he only laughs about how much fun the fight is getting to be. Actually, most of the time, he'll fight hand-to-hand first, draw his sword when that's too tough, and only release his Shikai if he's losing badly. Which he finds fun.


Name: Kuikkudageki (Quick Strikes)

Command: “Unwind, Kuikkudageki!”

Shikai: Simple Kusarifundo, the weights being steel bars on each end.

Shikai Powers: This Shikai is purely combat-oriented and has no special powers to speak of.

By the by, thank you for the generator and the translator. And mentioning Ninja Warrior. That was extremely helpful for me.
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Okey-dokey, I'm working on my form~

Oh, and, just for the sake of the roleplay, I don't think anyone who hasn't the slightest clue should be accepted. I dunno if you think otherwise about this, Kuchiki, but I think that if they're just joining to join and haven't watched Bleach before... :/
Meh, I dunno. I just kind of wish people knew what they're getting into before they join this. Bleach is a rather complex story, and it will just be kind of messed up with Bleach newbies.

Lil Kuchiki

I'm like a sassy beverage. Sass-parilla. eeey
OOOOH, BY accepted. 11 rules. Almost as much as 6.

Ulqi-... Kind of see what you mean, but I feel like then it'd be a very limited crowd. Besides, think of it like this: We're introducing Bleach Newbies to the series at the very least. Personally, I don't mind retelling it all, because I just love talking about Bleach. If you really don't like the idea, you are Co-DM, and can make people at least change their forms to make it seem more... Bleach-y. I dunno, I just don't want to exclude people. I'm a kind of "bring out your dead" type person. Walking through the streets with a cart, a pan, and a spoon so people can drop dead bodies on the cart. Monty Phython yessssssss.
Aaaaaaah, I get it, I get it. Maybe show them a few sites with Bleach episodes on it? Or just toss them the wiki?
Yeah, it is true there's not as many Bleach fans here... Yeah, I got it. Disregard what I said; we can force them to learn everything if we need to. >:3c

OH, HEY. Look who's done.


Name: Lamourna Takekuro

Gender: Female

Age: 367

Squad: Six

Rank: Fourth Chair >:D

Appearance: Lamourna is a rather petite girl with pearly white skin (like Ulquiorra's, almost :D). She has bright teal eyes and messy black hair that falls wildly on her shoulders, reaching her mid-back. She has long eyelashes that seemingly connect with the two pink circles on either side of her doll-like face. Her attire consists of the usual Shinigami uniform, however the arms of her custom uniform are longer and leave her hands obscure from view. There is a bright white sash tied around her waist with a pretty bow in the back. The neck of her uniform is also a V-neck.

Personality: Lamourna is a rather withdrawn person, rarely showing true joy or anger. She will flash small, sad smiles whenever she feels the need, and is a pretty nice person to hang around. She is not too stressful, but not too laid-back, either. She prefers to be alone and be able to think, but does enjoy being around her friends and will comfort and help them whenever necessary.



Name: Ebonparadü (Black Parade)

Command: "March, Ebonparadü!"

Shikai: A long, slender, pitch-black sword with a white ribbon coming from the end. There is a gold diamond shape imprinted on the middle of the guard. (that thingy on the sword right there. Yep, that one.)

Shikai Powers: When Lamourna activates the Shikai's ability, the diamond on her Zanpakuto glows a bright gold-ish color, and an eerie, highly amused laughter booms about. The light from the diamond causes about five, moderately powerful spirit-like jesters in all black with sinister grins and crazed golden eyes to rush out and attack the target, but they disappear in time.

Other: I has a theme for meeeeeee! Butterfly by Theatres des Vampires. Yay!
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Where have I been at?
I edited the form now. I hope the clothes are good enough.

I am a Bleach fan, just not an entire expert at it.


Well, it's been a while hasn't it?
Reserve me a spot, and link me to those sites with Bleach episodes. Haven't watched the show really, but I may as well so that I know things instead of bumbling around like an idiot/person who has never even heard of the show before(Watch, I'll do exactly that still).

Lil Kuchiki

I'm like a sassy beverage. Sass-parilla. eeey
Nightmane accepted~ Sorry for the inconvenience.

SKYMAN. YOU MUST WATCH IT. Dubhappy should have all the episodes, though sometimes things get pulled. Still, I can't think of any episodes they've been missing since I found them. Which was when I found Bleach.

Also, reserved. I'll probably start the RP soon, and if Skyman hasn't finished his form by then, he can come in as a "reinforcement" when he is done. Unless anyone has an objection to this starting soon, I'll probably have it up tomorrow. Tonight, if I'm impatient.

EDIT: Wait, forgot that Luxcario isn't done either, so I'll wait. Five people is a good starting number. Once we get five, we can start.


It's feeding time
Oh yeah I was interested in this. Reserve for now.

Name: Naoki Namida
Gender: Male
Age: 442

Rank: 3rd seat

Naoki Namida is a tall, slender man looking to be in his 20's. He has a distinctively sharp-looking face due to his high cheekbones and pointy chin. He has grey-ish black hair that reaches all the way down to his abdomen, and bright blue eyes. Lastly, he has a small scar down his nose, starting just about between his eyes.

Obviously, Naoki wears the standard shinigami uniform, with a few modifications. He doesn't actually wear the kosode, (the jacket) as much as let it hang from his waist, kept in place by his belt. He still wears the shitagi, the white clothing underneath the kosode, but has a sleeveless version. Interestingly, he wears a pair of black sleeves not actually attached to his shirt, starting just above his elbow and extend well past his hands.

While holding true to the third division's policy that "war is hell," Naoki is surprisingly amiable for someone whose unit is defined by Despair. He is not one to drag attention to himself, but he fairly chatty otherwise. On the other hand, he has no idea when to shut up.



Name: Kuroi Kanashimi (The Black Sorrow)

Command: "Debilitate, Kuroi Kanashimi."


The shikai form of Kuroi Kanashimi is akin to that of a halberd. It is a large and very intricate axe (imagine something like a mix of this and this) on top of a long pole. The whole thing is made out of black metal, and the axe is decorated with a carving of a skull in profile.

Shikai Powers:

Kuroi Kanashimi instils "doubt" in anything it hits. While only being hit once is not much trouble, being hit multiple times causes the "doubt" to grow, gnawing away at the victim's confidence and conviction. As is evident, this has severe psychological effects, and if the "doubt" reaches its point, it will actually cause the victim to lose their will live.
However, this ability goes beyond just psychological warfare. It can actually instil "doubt" in objects as well. Steel softens, the ground crumbles and liquids evaporate.
The effects of Kuroi Kanashimi are undone when the blade is sealed again. However any damage sustained as an effect of the "doubt" will stay, be it physical or psychological.

Other: Right, I can't say I felt the part about the clothing was very clear, but let's hope it is.
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Shadow Kid
Hello everybody. I am a huge Bleach fan. May I join if possible?

Name: Leon Ichimino
Gender: Male
Age: 203
Squad: 11
Position: 5th seat
Appearance: Looks like a teenager. Has medium-cut hair. Leon also has the regular Soul Reaper outfit. The only thing that is different is that the sash has a bluish tint to it. His Zanpakto is kept in a blue sheath across his back waist in the guise of a dagger. When he draws the Zanpakto, it grows into its normal width. He also has a burning slash on his right arm.
Personality: Mostly 90% serious. He is silent and likes to keep to himself. However, on rare occasions, he will tell a joke and become social. He is very fierce in battle and will not hestitate to protect the weak.

About the Zanpakto

Name: Kaizon
Command: Show these cowards who they are dealing with. Unleash thy fury, Almighty Kaizon!!!
Shikai: a icy humanoid being that has bloodred eyes and sharp ice blades as arms. Icy air radiated off of its skin.
Shikai Powers: Speed and freezes anybody it looks at.

Will this be good enough for the Roleplay?

Lil Kuchiki

I'm like a sassy beverage. Sass-parilla. eeey
Leon... Hm... I'm thinkin... Pretty good, 'cept for a few grammatical errors. (Zanpakuto has a "U" in it, btw) You can pretty much consider yourself accepted, but please make one itty bitty edit.

I kind of predicted somebody would do something like this given Squad 11s... Unique position on the fourth/fifth seat. That there wiki page has a list of all the known officers. Yumichika, 5th seat of squad eleven, refuses to accept the vacant position of fourth seat, but he is the most qualified (I'd even put him at the strength of a lieutenant). People can share seats, yes, one squad has 16 20th seats, but I dunno. You can share Yumichika's seat later, but for now, could I ask you to pretty please share Yoshi's seat (6)? Pretty pretty please?

Or you could drop to 6th seat and Yoshi could drop to 7th. I don't care.

God, I feel like a hardass for being so nitpicky. I hate being a hardass. O~O But, yeah, consider yourself accepted, Leon.
Hey, you guys. :D I'm just starting to... start on the first post for this thing. I probably won't post it tonight, but meh. Expect it tomorrow morning.
So, this is how we'll roll, essentially:

Kuchuki and I start. You guys follow.

Simply enough, right? :D? Oh, but don't fret; all you have to do to start is incredibly easy. You'll see once I get this show on the road. I'm excited for this roleplay! I haven't been in a Bleach one for quite some time. I hope it turns out good! ^~^"


Well, it's been a while hasn't it?

Name: Sakamoto Taiki

Gender: Male

Age: 237

Squad: 2

Rank: 6th seat

Appearance: His hair has a rather odd color at reddish-gray, and while mostly straight, it does curl slightly at the end. His eyes are green for the most part, with a section of it being red. His uniform is for the most part standard, barring the fact that his uniform is varying tints of red and green instead of their regular colors: his sash is the shade of an emerald, the hakami crimson, the socks light green, and everything else a greenish-red mixture.

Personality: He isn't the most talkative of people, but he's not exactly shy, and will talk with just about anybody really if he is bored or just feels like talking. Generally he is rather nice and considerate, although when slightly irritated he can and will get snappy at times. In combat, he is brutal, and at times a combat pragmatist, not putting himself above doing "dirty" things like attacking when his opponent is down.



Name: Nikudeba (Meat Knife)

Command: "Cleave 'em, Nikudeba!"

Shikai: It looks less like a refined blade and more like a crude, giant butcher's knife. The hilt and the actual blade are continuous, with no change in material. Also, although the blade appears a little blunt, it is actually rather sharp, and can cut through an opponent's limbs just as easily as any other blade.

Shikai Powers: It has two powers: the first one is that this allows the wielder to track its opponent by tracking the blood in their veins. The other one actually makes the Shikai as blunt as it looks, if the wielder so chooses: instead of slicing through things like a sharp object, it smashes them like a blunt one.

Other: Just so things are clear, the Shikai defaults to being sharp. Sakamoto, however, can choose to make the blade blunt on the fly, thus activating the second power of the Shikai. Also, picture of the Shikai form, just in case I was bad at describing it. Ditto for the eye, just replace the blue with green and brown with red. Also as you can see, he loves the colors red and green.