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Oops I got a cat


New member
The local neighborhood stray has been getting skinnier and skinnier over the past couple of weeks. He's very social and clearly a housecat. I finally bought him some food and took him to the vet. No chip, no lost-pet ads I could find, no collar.... The moral of the story is that I got him his shots and he's my baby now. The vet told me he's FIV positive and they were worried I wouldn't want to keep him, but I can't not keep him because he is the best cat.

So that was unexpected, and I couldn't be happier.

So uh
I just so happen to have four cat.
Gray fluffy old cat,
Chubby fuzzy cat,
Fluffy white thin cat,
And brand new tiny fluffy kitten.


blame telegram
It's basically feline AIDS I think.
The feline equivalent of HIV, to be exact. Let's not confuse the two.

HIV/FIV is a virus, and AIDS/feline AIDS is the host of symptoms (most prominently a weak immune system) that are caused by HIV/FIV if the infected person doesn't take medicine to suppress the virus' effects.

According to Wikipedia, there does seem to be an FIV vaccine, which is a landmark we haven't quite reached in humans yet. But the FIV vaccine apparently is only good for certain strains of the virus.

But in any case, Esosorum, from a quick glance at Wikipedia it looks like your kitty's outlook with FIV is still quite good! Good luck!