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PRICES SLASHED! ultraviolet's Bionic Parts

It's not really important where they are; if you wanted to change how the wings work because of where they are, though, you'd probably have to come up with your own body mod.
oh alright. I was only wondering because I wanted to make my drowzee look more like the god for which he was named, and I was uncertain if you were willing to perform... unconventional transactions such as the one I mentioned above.

Thank you, though, I'll be sure to purchase once I get the monies.
Nope, that should be okay. Cranial surgery isn't a problem! *cracks knuckles*

see you soon!
mmm... I don't think so. I can't imagine a candle/lantern/chandelier doing anything underwater except having their flame put out or eroding in the water, sorry. If you're really hard-pressed for it, you could ask Negrek, but I don't think it's going to work.
Litwick doesn't even need to breathe, so gills would be pointless on it in any case. (Actually, I guess that would disqualify it as per the first post.)
haha oh yeah I guess candles don't breathe, do they. (I'm doing well this morning! :|)
Well, it's more that it's a ghost, and nobody calls the dead ghosts are already dead, so they don't breathe, but candles don't either, I suppose.
Usually not, no, but I guess Negrek's been a bit busy lately. You could post in the PRO if you wanted, or VM Negrek.

(Negrek, would it be easier for you if people did post in the PRO?)
Say, for the intents and purposes of adding gills, does a plant count as not breathing?

they do have respiratory cycles as well as photossynthesis, but
I'm not sure! I've always thought that the line's generally split between biologically-based pokemon and everything else - ghosts, robots, rocks, and so on. I guess you could count plant-based pokemon as not breathing, but I think it would rather depend on the pokemon - I mean, I think turtwig, breloom, etc. probably do breathe, simply because they're at least partly animal-based, but I'm not sure. I don't think you'd need gills for something like jumpluff or bellsprout, but it's something you'd need to ask Negrek, I think.

What pokemon did you have in mind?
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