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Safari Mountain Range


Lord of the (Cro)bats
"Welcome to the Safari Mountain Range! Here, you can explore the mountains for Pokemon! However, the atmosphere up here only lets you catch 3 Pokemon... but fear not, as you get free air tanks (I just changed it)! You get 10 Safari Balls to catch the Pokemon with, too!"

Snowcapped Mountain
Lightningstorm Peak
Crater Forest
Hidden Cavern
Cloud Tops
Common: $1 ($3 if shiny)
Uncommon: $2 ($4 if shiny)
Rare: $4 ($7 if shiny)
Super-rare: $6 ($10 if shiny)
Pokemon, items and appearances:
Common: Numel, Magby, Slugma, Vulpix, Larvitar, Aron, Charmander, Tepig, Growlithe
Uncommon: Magmar, Pupitar, Ponyta, Lairon, Charmeleon, Pignite, Bagon
Rare: Camerupt, Rapidash, Aggron, Scyther, Emboar, Shelgon, Ninetales, Heatmor
Super-Rare: Charizard, Salamence, Tyranitar, Arcanine
Special: Flareon
Items: Flame Plate/Stone Plate (1/2), Fire Gem (3), Sharp Beak (4), Muscle Band (5), Shed Shell (6), Hard Stone (7)

Snowcapped Mountain
Common: Abra, Smoochum, Sableye, Gastly, Cubchoo, Vanillite, Swinub, Golett, Mienfoo
Uncommon: Bergmite, Kadabra, Drowzee, Riolu, Haunter, Vanillish, Piloswine, Mienshao
Rare: Avalugg, Hypno, Golurk, Jynx, Cryogonal, Vanilluxe, Spiritomb
Super-rare: Gengar, Mamoswine, Alakazam, Beartic, Skarmory, Lucario
Special: Glaceon
Items: Icicle Plate/Stone Plate (1/2), Ice Gem (2), Snowball (3), Luminous Moss (4), Hard Stone (5), TwistedSpoon (6), Dusk Stone (7)

Lightningstorm Peak
Common: Helioptile, Joltik, Magnemite, Elekid, Chinchou, Goldeen, Shinx
Uncommon: Seaking, Staryu, Magneton, Mareep, Flaaffy
Rare: Heliolisk, Starmie, Luxio, Ampharos, Electabuzz
Super-rare: Lanturn, Luxray, Magnezone, Electivire
Special: Jolteon
Items: Zap Plate/Stone Plate (1/2), Electric Gem (3), Luminous Moss (4), Hard Stone (5), Mystic Water (6), Thunder Stone (7)

Crater Forest (Requires Cut or $2 for rares/super rares)
Common: Sewaddle, Snivy, Shroomish, Chikorita, Wurmple, Foongus, Exeggcute
Uncommon: Swadloon, Bayleef, Cascoon, Silcoon, Pidgeotto, Taillow, Servine
Rare: Leavanny, Beautifly, Dustox, Amoongus, Exeggutor
Super-rare: Breloom, Swellow, Serperior, Meganium
Special: Leafeon
Items: Grass Gem/Stone Plate (1/2), Miracle Seed (2), Hard Stone (3), Luminous Moss (4), Absorb Bulb (5), Soft Sand (6), Leaf Stone (7)

Hidden Cavern (Requires Rock Smash or $3 to enter)
Common: Diglett, Cubone, Geodude, Aron, Sandile, Roggenrola, Zubat
Uncommon: Graveler, Boldore, Rhyhorn, Lileep, Tirtouga, Krokorok, Kabuto
Rare: Krookodile, Golem, Cradily, Relicanth, Carracosta, Archen, Rhydon
Super-Rare: Archeops, Aggron, Gigalith, Rhyperior, Kabutops
Special: Umbreon
Items: Earth Plate/Stone Plate (1/2), Rock Gem (3), Smooth Rock (4), Muscle Band (5), Rock Incense (6), Hard Stone (7)

Cloud Tops (Requires Fly or $3 to enter)
Common: Pidgey, Spearow, Starly, Taillow, Hoothoot, Fletchling
Uncommon: Pidgeotto, Staravia, Togepi, Tropius, Noctowl, Swablu, Fletchinder, Murkrow
Rare: Fearow, Pidgeot, Skarmory, Swellow, Altaria, Talonflame, Bagon, Shelgon
Super-Rare: Staraptor, Salamence, Togekiss, Honchkrow
Special: Espeon
Items: Flying Gem/Stone Plate (1/2), (2), Sharp Beak (3), Pretty Wing (4), Dusk Stone (5), Salamencite (6), Dawn Stone (7)
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Anyone who starts adventuring here soon will have an increased shiny chance and an increased rare chance!
You found a Vanillish(M)!

Inventory: 8x Safari Ball, Hypno(M), Golurk(Genderless)
Current Cost: $8
I'll take a go at the Snowcapped Mountain, please and thank you.

If I want to go to another area after this one, do the Safari Balls come with me?

You misspelled Exeggcute and Exeggutor. Just thought to point it out.
I liek Squirtles
You found a Swinub(M)!
Bought balls and airtanks transfer over, but the amount of balls you have... Well, it's kinda complicated.
You found a Mienshao(M)!

Inventory: 8x Safari Ball, Hypno(M), Golurk(Genderless)
Current Cost: $8

I liek Squirtles
You found a Vanillite(M)
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