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  • Sure! We've talked about this before, I said it was all cool, once battle slots are free and whatnot. All you have to do is post a challenge specifically against me on the Challenge Board. Right now I have three battles either going or waiting for a ref, so just wait for a bit.
    I believe that Zhorken has to do the transaction, so you don't have to actually do anything.
    It's up to you when you want to rotate. You could rotate at any point as it doesn't take up an action.
    A Pokemon can't be out for more than 2 rounds. So you have to rotate at least once every two rounds.
    I'd recommend calming down about that test battle and the banned people's Pokémon, dude. Remember why you were banned from the Pokéboard ASB. But I'm not staff so you don't have to listen to me I guess
    As was answered in the question box, DQ times don't really necessarily apply to refs, since reffing is much more time-consuming than issuing commands. It's probably even harder on Gevaisa, since she's training to be a ref and has to make corrections and all that. Please be patient. Refs are dedicating their free time to run this game, and it's not particularly unusual to wait several weeks for a reffing.

    At any rate, it's not like I know everything that goes on with everyone, so for this question I think you're best off asking Gevaisa what's up. But again, please be patient, and if she's simply busy you shouldn't pester her to ref.
    Uh, do you mean your battle that was originally vs. Luftballon? It's versus Mai right now, and the ref is Gevaisa. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but I hope I answered it?
    Sorry, I'm not sure what you're talking about, so you're probably asking the wrong person.
    Sorry, but since we've already got a battle waiting and you were at your battle limit when you accepted the second battle, I'm going to face Music Dragon instead.
    You accepted first, but since you were within like a minute of each other (and also you've already got a battle pending with Grass King), I'll just wait for Grass King to decide what he's going to do.
    I actually got partially approved as a ref, so I guess my battle limit's four. However, none of my battles have ended (I'm waiting on three people to post their commands, and one of my battles hasn't even been picked up by a ref), so I can't, unfortunately. Tell you what: once one of my slots opens up, I'll post a challenge for you on the Challenge Board.
    I'm happy to answer questions, so don't worry about it. However, pretty much all the questions you've asked can be posted in the question box. You should probably only PM me for reffing disputes or ref quizzes or other stuff like that.
    She hasn't posted commands using Flabébé, though, which is the Pokemon she's actually supposed to use.
    Sure! It's definitely just on a rain check. We could probably have it right after our current battle finishes if you want. You'll just have to challenge me afterwards, whenever you're up for it.
    Zhorken's the one reffing it, so she's the one you could direct that question to, but no, reffing it is just going to take much longer than normal since there are 17 participants.
    Sorry, I have all my slots filled up. See, I already challenged my friend TrueToCheese. But in the future we can battle again, if you want! I just can't do it right now.
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