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  • We can't, sorry. I forgot the battle limit is three for nonrefs, and I'm one over the limit. I'm sorry but it'll have to be later. :(
    Hi, since I'm quite busy with the tournament battles, grading ref tests may take a bit longer than usual. Normally they take up to a few days, anyway. I'll PM you when I've reviewed your answers.
    I'd love to do a battle with you. Unfortunately, Keldeo has already challenged me. I'm participating in four battles already that take up battle slots (vs Omskivar, vs Dazel, vs Bluberry Bat, and now this). I owe you one. Never forget! :)
    Luftballoon quit, so Mai's joining in her place. Mai's presumably getting everything sorted out.
    I really don't know. I already have two battles that don't have refs, and the cap is three, I believe, so I don't want to use my slots up before I even get a thread.
    And you can also use the same pokemon in diferent battles (For example, I have my Rex in two battles at the same time right now)
    That kind of question was asked in the Question Box, and they said you can have up to 3 at a time (you're my third btw) or 4 at a time if you are an active referee. If you want to become a referee go to ASB->ASB Central->Referee Headquarters and take the test posted there.
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