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  • Alright. Bulbapedia's the only source for a lot of this, so that works. I can always check it over myself afterwards.
    Awesome! We don't have Dream World moves, no. I got all my (pre-OR/AS) data from veekun, so this is literally all we have: level-up moves, egg moves, tutors, TMs/HMs, Surfing Pikachu, Volt Tackle Pichu, and Rotom's form moves.

    Also, could you keep a list of your sources as you go? Where you got the info, I mean, though where the move is from would be nice too. I'm picky about data, ehehe.
    We should. However, I already owe a battle to Zekrom... Maybe we could do a 1v1v1 or something, once I'm done with at least one of my other battles.
    I was casually lurking your convo with Negrek and saw you were Maybe the Svaalbard Polar Bear back at PFU. I always love finding people I used to know of from that site. My name back there was Heavy Lobster, and I doubt you'd remember me as I only had something like 300 posts when the forums shut down, but I certainly remember your username. It was definitely unique.

    Just saying hi from one ex-PFU member to another I guess!
    Ralts vs. Tentacool it is, then! I'll edit so the water is a meter deep then, just enough for your Tentacool to swim in.
    I did want to use Usagi quite a bit more, yeah. :( Cleffa doesn't actually learn any attacking Fairy moves though, so you could use literally any of your other Pokémon and neither of us would have a type advantage. Alternately, I could use my Ralts and we'd both have a type advantage over each other?
    Hi! Did you have any strong preference about which Pokémon you wanted to use in our battle? I was hoping to use my Cleffa or Ferroseed, but I'd like to avoid either of us getting a type advantage over the other. And if you wanna use your Tentacool, we can make the water deeper for it!
    It is; you prepare yourself for a bunch of situations that you'll eventually encounter. I find it much more thorough than PokeSun's system, where you had a short quiz, and then two rounds.
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