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Shaymin appears on Pokemon.com!


Yarn is comfy and easy to wear
...Or at least its silhouette. You know what that means, right? Movie is going to be officially revealed in english soon! I'm not one of those people who watch the japanese version just because its superior or because I want to see it now, so this is nice.

Actually, I forgot it already was revealed...but technically Shaymin hasn't.

Bulbanews article

Giratina & the Sky Warrior


Your friendly neighborhood Foxquirrel.
You'd think that they would use flower petals, or something cuter, for Shaymin-chan's silohouette, but noooo...


チルノ ⑨ デス.
Shaymin-san's sky forme might be revealed.... soon. Giratina's Origin forme might also become official as well. The movie was awesome.... especially shaymin's goodbye to Ash so SWEET!