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Shiny Encounters Thread (Now with Haikus!)


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
These poems are about the shinies I encountered through my life. Lets start with the shiny that got away.

I was playing a Pokemon Game.
It was Platinum, and that was the day.
I encountered a Shiny Tangela, Hooray!
Alas, twas in the Safari Zone that day.

I knew it would run, so I had to be fast.
I wanted a shiny, like the ones in the past.
I threw some mud, and surprised was me.
It stayed, but angry was he.

That green Tangela was about to run.
But I knew I had to catch that one.
I threw some safari balls, captured I thought.
But it broke free and I almost threw the game that I bought.

It didn't run, lucky me.
I wished it would've stayed for infinite.
But it wasn't meant to be.
Another ball and It ran, and I stood there...dumbstruck, I be.
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loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

This is about the first shiny i ever caught.

I was playing my Pokemon Gold.
When i looked and lo and behold,
A shiny weedle was there.
The Bug Catching contest was where.

Being a young little girl,
I knew nothing about shinies in this world.
At that time, i just liked how it glows.
And i caught it with Pokeballs in rows and rows.

I didn't win he contest, but that's ok!
A new friend was gained for me!
I hugged and hugged my game.
For that was a special day.

I was asked to nickname.
I replied yes to my game.
Being a little girl, i only had a small mind.
I knew what to name it after some time.

I named my weedle....Sparkle.


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

Here's one that was my friends shiny, but if i wasnt watching her play, she would have let it flee.

As I watched my friend
playing her Platinum game,
I saw a Pichu come from the grass.
It didn't look the same.

It had the cheeks and color
of a normal Pikachu.
She was heading towards the "Run" button,
until I told her not to.

"My friend, my friend, oh you musn't run!
For this isn't a normal Pichu!
It's a shiny one!
You must catch it for you!"

She stammered a bit,
deciding what to do,
until I then tried to help
by catching it myself, but she watched too.

I pressed the bag button
and saw a master ball.
"Fuck no" I said,
cause a master ball can't catch them all!

I then used an Ultra ball
After enveloping the Pichu
inside of it, I began to shake

It stopped.
A light ding came from the game.
I was so happy for her, a little, I hopped. (Ok, bad rhyme)

My friend was lucky to have a shiny
And I was lucky for watching her (I) catch it.

So, yeah.


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

I like these! They're cute. The first one reminds me of the Shiny Mr. Mime I didn't catch in the Safari Zone in HG. Lolz.
Anywho, nice poems.^^


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

Thank you! You're the first person that's noticed, so yay!

The Accidental Shiny

Leafgreen was the game
Which I now think is somewhat lame.
Trying to catch a Question Unown,
Something else came up, for what i hadn't known.

As bored was I, I just need to catch this,
For that was the one i did not have, yes it is.
After an hour, i just about gave,
But maybe just one more after I save.

How lucky was I!
For the A unown came by!
What? You say that's common for me?
Hell no, cause that was a shiny!

I threw an Ultra ball.
That ball CAN catch 'em all,
but it broke free.
I had more, lucky me.

I threw two more
Until it shook a third, but only before
.....It gave a ding......
Oh, what a lucky thing!

I saved the game,
For it would take months to catch the same!
I think an A Unown
Is a special Pokemon known!

I didn't get the unown I wanted before,
But screw that, i could get maybe more!
Since, if you look at this fact,
A fucking shiny Unown was added to my pact! (Meaning my team)

I was asked for a nickname.
Hell no, it's fine all the same!
It was joined with my other shiny,
because those shinies belong to me!


Let's all go to the festival!
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

Poems based on just shinies is such an original idea. I like it.

My favorite is the one about the weedle named Sparkle.

I named my first shiny too...A smeargle named Goblitrog


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

My first shiny was a Rattata. Lolz.
Also, Shiny Unown FTW!


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

Thanks you two! ^v^!

Here's one not in any of the handheld games, but from Pokemon Tower DEfense online. I caught a ew shinies from that, so let's start with the shiny Beedrill.

I Choose You, Beedrill!

As I grew bored of my handheld game,
I decided to play PTD that same day.
With my trusty Charmander by my side,
I had made all those enemies cried.

Viridian Forest Two, such a magical place.
With all those Pokemon that gave a chase!
I could see Butterfrees, Kakunas, Caterpies too.
But I saw a shiny that came to me, not you.

A shiny Beedrill came, and don't let me have this as a false thought.
Shinies in PTD don't have to be weakened to be caught.
My Charmander, it was preparing to KO this shiny.
NO, dont' destroy it, that shiny belonged to ME!

Quick as a flash, I got the red and white ball
And dragged it over it all.
As I prepared for the worst, I closed my eyes.
Opening them, I saw it, to little surprise.

Beedrill was caught, it told me.
I now have a shiny!
This didn't make me too happy,
as shinies are common in PTD. :P


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

I want to trade. Ditto

A trade world wide, i wanted to do.
that day, I made a person happy too!
For I had sacraficed one of my dearest friends.
But I got a shiny ditto in the end!

I went to the GTS for a trade.
I saw something that had my day made!
A Shiny ditto was being given up!
I was surprised and happy that i coul literally jump!

But a catch there has!
I had to go through alot of trades real fast.
He wanted a Bellosom...but none, had I.
I checked for one, so that Ditto could be mine.

Alas, the Bellosom was for a Charmander!
I didn't own such a salamander!
So I looked for that little lizard of fire
And saw that they must have needed something real dire!

They wanted a Mewtwo for a level five!
A mewtwo, a Mewtwo they prive!
That was so absurd!
But...I had one in my herd...

Could I give it up for an eventual shiny?
Woul that be right of me?
After a lng and hard thought,
I knew I had to give up the Mewtwo I caught.

Look at it this way;
A person's day was made.
I got a ditto that was shiny
that could transform into anything, even me!

I lost a strong and powerful friend
But I knew this new friend woul stay till the end.


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

If you don't know how to get this Pokemon, You might be a redneck. The Crimson Beast

Lake of Rage
Oh, with people so sage!
For in the middle of this lake,
A beast, someone's day would make!

The red beast that threatened the fish.
Made the magikarp want to leave, they wish!
I swam up to the fish that destroy
for I knew I could defeat its little ploy!

With a few ultra balls,
which can catch them all,
the beast went inside.
I caught the beast that had its pride!

Everyone was happy.
Especially me!
For I know what I have, as I thought.
The Red Gyarados was what I caught.


oops, did it again
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

Poems based on shinies. They remind me of my first shiny encounter. It was Prof. Juniper's Minncino TωT


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Re: Shiny Encounters Thread

*Uses Max Revive*

Jigglypuff's Song of Sorrow

A lullaby rang
It rang through the dusk of night
A pink ball rolled by

It took out a mike
And sang it's enchanting song
I then felt drowsy

My mind snapped awake
Jigglypuff's color wasn't the same!
It was... a shiny!

I looked in my bag
I felt crestfallen that time
For in my small bag

One Pokeball

With a quick prayer
I tossed it at Jigglypuff
It shaked once. Then twice

It stopped.

"Aw, almost had it!"
Was the text that made me mad
I failed to catch it

I had no choice but
To pick the option I feared.
"Got away safely"...