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shinyabsol vs CJBlazer

shy ♡

whispers in gay
Allow me to post a brand-new challenge worthy of the title of Awesomeness....

Type: 2 on 2 Singles Match, Set Style
DQ: lets say..umm..about 2 weeks.
Damage Cap: 45%
Banned Moves: Sleep-makers, 1-kit-KOs
Arena: Descara Town Gym

This gym is the location where trainers battle Shade, the gym leader who specializes in Dark-Type Pokemon. The arena is completely dark. Only Pokemon that carry a constant flame can see, but only barely. Psychic-Pokemon can somewhat detect their opponents, but not very much.

CJBlazer's Active Squad

Cynda the Male Cyndaquil
Ability: Blaze

Blaze the Male Houndour
Ability: Flash Fire

Cotton the Female Cottonee
Ability: Prankster

Surge the Female Shinx
Ability: Intimidate

shinyabsol's Active Squad

Charmander the Male Charmander
Ability: Blaze

Absol the Male Absol
Ability: Pressure

CJBlazer sends out, shinyabsol sends out and attacks, CJBlazer attacks.
Okay, I send out Absol. First, make a substitute. Then use Swords Dance and finally a Double Team.

Substitute(10%)~Swords Dance~Double Team
Blaze, how about Double Teaming. If they want to Substitte, then there is no point in attacking. So instead, how about attacking the ground with a Dark Pulse. Plus, its so dark in here, how about using a Flamethrower from each clone.

Double Team Dark Pulse (at the ground) Flamethrower (every clone)
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Descara Town Gym

This gym is the location where trainers battle Shade, the gym leader who specializes in Dark-Type Pokemon. The arena is completely dark. Only Pokemon that carry a constant flame can see, but only barely. Psychic-Pokemon can somewhat detect their opponents, but not very much.​

shinyabsol (Oo)
(m) <pressure>
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
- 'Hrf.'

Blazer (Oo)
Blaze (m) <flash fire>
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
- 'Meow.'​

Quite used to darkness, absol wastes no time before slicing through the air, dark energy forming from his blade and dripping to the floor. The energy pools upwards, thickening from a liquid-like state into a more solid one, and forming a quite familiar shape - an all-blake, viscous absol. The original absol waves his blade to the mimic, and the substitute takes its place in front of the original protectively; it's too dark to see if there's anything worth protecting him from, though.

They can both hear the rapid padding of paws, somewhere, speeding up and somehow multiplying - or is that their imagination? Blaze dashes through the gym, speeding up to unimaginable speeds, his trail blurring behind him and forming mirror images - one, two, four clones. He himself can't even see far enough to tell how many he's made, even once he's slowed to a stop, but he hopes he's made enough.

Now that the sound of padding feet has stopped, absol gets back to his own stuff. He swishes his tail and head blade around rapidly, slicing through the air and improving his muscle strength and agility; he can just imagine cutting through sweet houndour flesh the way he cuts through the air.

Unaware, Blaze's black coat oozes equally black energy, flushing it out and down into the floorbelow. The energy burns the gym's floor like acid, but isn't strong enough to create a real hole - not that Blaze could see if it did, anyhow. He tilts his head curiously, wondering why he bothered doing that at all.

With a quick nod at his substitute - or where he assumes the sub would be - absol kicks off, running around the arena much like Blaze had before. And much like the houndour, the absol's shape blurs into multiples; three mirror absol mimic his movements as he slows down, plus a substitute who does nothing at all.

Blaze and his clones all focus for a moment, connecting together and yet separate - trying to zone in on the absol's location. And yet, despite the multiple vantage points the clones allow Blaze, the complete darkness means there's little to no point in the clones at all. Blaze huffs, drawing in air and released a huge burst of flames at nowhere in particular, hoping beyond hope it's the right location - but even with the help of his clones eyes, the flames hit dead air, no where near the absol. And having used all his concentration on getting accuracy, Blaze's clones peter out of existence, leaving the houndour sorely vulnerable.

Absol has only a few seconds in the light of the flamethrower, but he's sure he saw four houndour shooting flames - he's glad they weren't aiming at him.​

shinyabsol (Oo)
(m) <pressure>
Health: 90% | Sub: 10%
Energy: 89%
- 'o.o' +2 atk, has 3 clones.

Blazer (Oo)
Blaze (m) <flash fire>
Health: 100%
Energy: 87%
- 'Er...'

Arena Notes:
There's a singed area in the arena's floor from the dark pulse.

Final Notes:
  • I interpreted 'FLAMETHROWER FROM ALL CLONES' to mean 'double team to improve accuracy'; still, with absol creating a double team, the attack missed.
  • Yeah dark pulse against the ground does nothing.
  • Apologies for lateness; as a note, posting in the thread itself is considered rather rude. Ask me through vm/pm if you're concerned.
  • Also don't edit your commands. Seriously.
  • Blazer next.
(okay, sorry about that)

Okay, Blaze, I just got the perfect idea. Houndour, attack yourself with a flamethrower. Trust me on this. Your flashfire should absorb the attack and boost your fire moves, right? Ok, now have your clones attack the substitute with a Flamethrower while you do a Faint Attack. The light of your clones' flamethrower should not only destroy Absol's substitute, but it should give you an idea where Absol might be. Once you reach Absol, how about you Fire Fang him.

Flamethrower (himself) ~ Flamethrower(from Clones)+ Faint Attack (the real Houndour) ~ Fire Fang (once Houndour is nearby)

(I hope that doesn't sound confusing)
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