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Suggestions starting to sprite again


a million miles of water
I'm going to try getting back into spriting, and I'd like some ideas for what to do. give me suggestions and I'll take a shot at them.



trainer sprites:
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he, they
The splice is corsola + machamp + muk + marshtomp, I guess? It's good, just the eye looks sort of... squished. I can't quite put my finger on it. The right leg (our left) has a few stray pixels near the hip.

The Gengar (yellow?) revamp is very good, just the toes are a little too pronounced and the right side of the head (our left) looks kind of flat.

The trainer sprite is good, but the right hand (our left) looks disembodied because there's no arm to go with it. And the shoes' bottom could be darker.

All of these are really good! You should do some retypes.


New member
I'm going to be a bit picky here, so be warned.

On your splices: The splicing itself is good, but I would recommend recoloring the whole sprite with one palette to make it flow better.

Revamp: Good, but you might want to change the anatomy a bit to accommodate the extra space allowed with newer sprites.

Trainer: The hand looks disembodied, as Absoul said, and the other hand looks a bit too big. Also, a different shirt design might look better.

Retype: Good, but the lines on the wings look too different from the wings themselves: maybe try making them silver, like wire, or leaving them how they were (for bug)? Also, make sure you recolor the outlines.