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Requests Open Stationary, Bookmarks and Such


spooky? do you think i'm spooky?
I am open to make things like bookmarks and stationary paper for y'all to print out.

Some that I have already made for some of my friends~

I can make Sonic, My Little Pony, Sly Cooper, Kirby, Ghost Trick, Phoenix Wright, and Pokemon:

-Notepad Paper
-Desktop wallpapers

My variety will increase. This is non profit. For bookmarks and notepad paper you will have to print them out yourselves.


'Humans are interesting.'
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A Rarity version of the example, please.


Mow! Mow! Fight the Powah!
Mowtom bookmark! Make it however you want! (or dont make it at all. These make better userbars than the ones at userbar shops. can you tell me the link when your done?

LuckyLapras' Duck

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Blastoise Fortooate
Ooh. Can I request a bookmark and a wallpaper?
-Background: Same as avatar, if you can
-Image: Dream World Lapras
-Text: "LuckyLapras will pwn you all!"
-Font: Same as avatar
-Colors: "Lucky" - Blue, "Lapras" - Gray, "will pwn you all!" - Red
Also, can the wallpaper be 800x480? My lapotop doesn't have a stretch function for some strange odd reason.