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    Anyways, I just went to da dentist. Goin' again in 3 months.
    Also, it's Ho-oh and Rotom-cut
    Ho-ohRotom-cut Also I'd replace either Magmortar or Ho-oh with something else. I'd replace Ho-oh with erm, I dunno, I would say Delibird but, um, Articuno! Yes! I am a BOSS!
    Don't worry I'm used to vb forums. And I do believe I was offered tea and cod in my intro thread actually. But please don't talk down to me like that. Just because I'm new to these forums doesn't mean I'm new to using forums.
    Lotsa lotsa Fi$h eh? Erm, there's a "Who's that Pokemon?" quiz, something about Disappearance and RPing. And there is quite a lot of pages. You could probably even open up a shop of sorts.
    yep, I have. It was great. And I heard you wanted to know how to make a mowtom sprite... [hover over]
    Right. Spamming: Chalumeau is a mod, so she has pretty much access to everywhere. Karis told me about that as well. Brownies: Good job! Cyberspace: Don't worry about it. I'm temporarily lapotop-less myself. Art shops: Me and AA proved the deadness of two shops. THE DARN LARGE AMOUNT OF VMS: I weren't expecting it to be that active. Unrelated note: I'm doing a dragon type solo cross dresser run on HeartGold. Guess who I've named myself. =]
    Right: SZ: I'll get to it. Brownies: I ate them all. SOST: The form is on the first post. Copy and paste it into Quick Reply and then fill it in. (Breathe LL)
    Mmkay. Next time I go to my User CP, which'll be after I replied to this VM. =3 Anyway, I BEAT EMMET AND INGO TWICE YESTERDAY! WOOOOO!
    I've posted your reply. It was with Toggaffer's. If two people are playing I post their replies in the same post, seperated by a quote. You're the one who needs to post. =P
    *blinks* you are a rotom? i never knew. well... i CONTROL DIALGA!
    (yes it could)

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