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  • You're bannned for being brave enough to fly in on the "Rust Bucket"!

    Correlian Class Freighter the Millenium Falcon, "specially customised" Freighter, at that!

    (So what? Are we going to throw Star Wars quotes at each other, or somert?)
    We also own The Force Unleashed, but I haven't gotten to play it because my little brother isn't allowed to play it, so I never get a chance considering we have one Wii and are usually using it for Netflix.
    I also used to have lego episodes IV, V, and VI for the computer, but that got lost. I did beat it though. :3
    I've seen them all, I just don't own them. D:
    I also own Lego Star Wars on both Wii and DS, so that counts for something, riight?
    You're, well, welcome! There aren't many Star Wars fans on here, and even if I'm not obsessed, I figured some of the smaller fandoms on here could use a little welcome. :3
    Welcomes. I see that nobody has offered you tea and cod yet >:(-, so have some tea and cod. magikarp If you need anything, just ask, but dont expect much... My main rule to you newbiez: ONLY ASK ME QUESTIONS THAT HAVE REALLY OBVIOUS ANSWERS. Thanks.
    You should check out some of her remixes. I would link, buuut A) I'm RNG Abusin' Black B) I'm forum-ing C) I'm doing other stuffs with mah life. =P
    I'd lost my sanity whilst making some of them. At first, most were spelling errors. =P (Then I found out about GlitchxCity and now I feel like a BOSS)
    'Tis what I specialise in. There was a moment in time where I just couldn't do it. See my posts for other people. Some of them were complete failures. =P
    Silly billy, I can't see if you've replied unless you click on my profile and leave the message there. Or you can click "view conversation".
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