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Super Monotype Doubles Tournament


Yeah, that's why I was thinking it's a bit unfair. Maybe we can call it a draw!
It's ok! Don't worry about it! We hadn't gotten very far into battle number one (I think only one, or two Pokémon had been KO'd at that point?) so to be honest, the first battle could have gone either way.

I think in the next tournament, we'll consider disconnects as a default loss if the disconnectee can be identified. But for now, let's just leave it as is, else we could spend all day debating the ins and outs about what's fairest. :P The way I see it is that you won the battle, and Stryke and I had made pre-arrangements with our battle knowing my connection was patchy.

Music Dragon

Doosic Maggon
It's ok! Don't worry about it! We hadn't gotten very far into battle number one (I think only one, or two Pokémon had been KO'd at that point?) so to be honest, the first battle could have gone either way.

I think in the next tournament, we'll consider disconnects as a default loss if the disconnectee can be identified. But for now, let's just leave it as is, else we could spend all day debating the ins and outs about what's fairest. :P The way I see it is that you won the battle, and Stryke and I had made pre-arrangements with our battle knowing my connection was patchy.
Very well then. But know that I respected your tactics.


So, with one battle left to go, here are the current rankings:

I would like to thank everybody in being so prompt with completing their battles! It's been a refreshing experience not having to chase everybody to get battles done.

Fingers crossed Negrek and I will find time to wrap this up ASAP!


Staff member
yoooo when this is wrapped up would it be ok if people posted their teams? i'm super interested to know what strategies people used, as a spectator :o

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I don't mind posting mine a bit later for you! :-) Though performance would show that it's mahbe not the best team to look at. :p


Yeah, I got my butt kicked to Australia and back by Negrek. Whoops.

Anyway, with a bruised ego, that calls an end to the tournament! Here are the rankings:

Well done to our tournament winner, Negrek! Here are the overall positions:
1. Negrek
2. Music Dragon
3. Murkrow and Equinoxe
4. -
5. Espeon
6. JackPK and Stryke​

Congratulations for participating so keenly! It has been great to get a full on tournament completed. Obviously, Negrek will be eligible to claim any of the prizes formerly mentioned in the thread of her choosing! Please let us know what you would like so that we can help facilitate the trading of the winning prize!

See you all next time!

About this team: This team was really designed to abuse Rain Dance in a weird effort to avoid sneaky fire attacks, and to screw over anyone else using different weather conditions, by removing their own weather in favour of mine thanks to my very slow Amoongus.

Lead 1

Pokémon: Lealo (Leavanny)
Ability: Overcoat
Nature: Jolly
Item: Focus Sash
EVs: 252 Speed, 140 Sp. Def, 104 Speed, 12 Def
Move 1: Sticky Web
Move 2: Helping Hand
Move 3: Heal Bell
Move 4: X-scissor

About this Pokémon: Paired with Pocamoongus (below), Lealo was meant to set up sticky web to slow down any oncoming threats later on in the game. (This would also be helped by the moveset on Tryzma the Shiftry). It was then intended to switch out and pair with Marshmallow the Mega-Abomasnow, as it is immune to weather-related damage, and assist with Helping Hand to either boost Ice Shard or Blizzard for mass damage.

Lead 2

Pokémon: Pocamoongus (Amoongus)
Ability: Regenerator
Nature: Sassy
Item: Damp Rock
EVs: 252 HP, 208 Def, 50 Sp. Def
Move 1: Rain Dance
Move 2: Foul Play
Move 3: Toxic
Move 4: Clear Smog

About this Pokémon: Pocamoongus was the bulkiest member of my team by far. Originally I had planned on using Protect instead of Toxic, and this may have been a better choice. Regenerator allowed it to set up Rain Dance multiple times and switch out with minimal problems, and Foul Play meant that it could deal some damage without actually having to invest any EVs in its own attack stat. Definitely one of the most useful members of this team, and hands down the worst nickname. :'D

Rain Abuse 1

Pokémon: Tryzma (Shiftry)
Ability: Pickpocket
Nature: Modest
Item: Red Card
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 106 HP, 76 Def, 76 Sp. Def
Move 1: Hurricane
Move 2: Icy Wind
Move 3: Foul play
Move 4: Synthesis

About this Pokémon: This was probably my most fun, but least effective set on this team. It probably could have afforded fewer EVs in Sp. Atk and more investment in its bulk to be more effective. Anyway, the intended effect this Pokémon was meant to have was forcing switches using the Red Card, and then stealing the target's held item with the Pickpocket ability. Tryzma was then meant to blast the opponent with super effective, 100% accurate Hurricanes.

Rain Abuse 2

Pokémon: Ludi Hopps (Ludicolo)
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Timid
Item: Life Orb
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed, 6HP
Move 1: Surf
Move 2: Ice Beam
Move 3: Rain Dance
Move 4: Teeter Dance

About this Pokémon: Surf was meant to be used in the rain to help circumvent the grass-type resistance to water attacks, as well as boosting Craymax's Sp. Atk by one stage per use, making effect of the Storm Drain ability. Unfortunately, its EV investment rendered it extremely frail and it would often only launch one attack before being KO'd.

Defensive Powerhouse

Pokémon: Cramax (Cradily)
Ability: Storm Drain
Nature: Calm
Item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 208 Def, 50 Sp. Def
Move 1: HP Fire
Move 2: Sludge Bomb
Move 3: Energy Ball
Move 4: Recover

About this Pokémon: Cramax was meant to take Sp. Atk boosts from Ludi Hopps, all while being able to soak up tons of damage due to its impressive defenses and access to recover. Sludge Bomb was the go-to move while in Rain, and HP fire was there for use during any other weather condition/clear conditions. ...Energy ball seems a bit pointless here, and I agree that it is. It was just put there since I was considering using this Pokémon elsewhere later and couldn't be bothered to use another move. Mirror coat may have worked better in hindsight.


Pokémon: Marshmallow (Mega-Abomasnow)
Ability: Snow Warning
Nature: Brave
Item: Abomasite
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 154 HP, 104 Atk
Move 1: Blizzard
Move 2: Ice Shard
Move 3: Wood Hammer
Move 4: Grasswhistle

About this Pokémon: A Pokémon with Snow Warning may seem like an odd choice for a rain-centric team, but the team actually functions ok without all of the setup from rain dance - especially considering Lealo had Overcoat to circumvent hail damage. Regardless, Marshmallow was a last ditch effort to really screw over the opponent with some mass power Blizzards and Ice Shards. Ice Shard was exceptionally effective, especially when given the Helping Hand boost.


has a BONE to pick with you
Congrats, Negrek! Everyone else did a pretty fine job as well :D

Also, so that you don't have to go looking for my post, here are the shinies I threw into the prize pool (all level 1 and nicknameable):

5IV Mareep
-Modest; Static (SpAtk IV is 1 sadly, but when Sun/Moon come out you can just Hyper Train it); Growl, Tackle, Agility

5IV Tyrunt
- Adamant; Sturdy [HA], perfect IV spread; Dragon Dance, Curse, Fire Fang, Poison Fang.

5IV Magby
- Jolly; Vital Spirit [HA], perfect IV spread for physical attacking; Belly Drum, Focus Energy, Mach Punch, Flare Blitz.

I had fun and will most likely take part in any potential future monotype tournaments as well! Let's do this again sometime :P


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Congratulations Negrek! And thanks to everyone for getting me into the competitive battling scene!

Also, so that you don't have to go looking for my post
Yeahhhhh, I should do that as well. Not all of mine are nicknameable and/or level 1 though:

For clarification, I've got:
Larvesta w/ Magnet Rise and Morning Sun as egg moves
HA Froakie
Magikarp w/ Celebrate and Happy Hour
HA Chimchar
Shiny HA Tropius
Pokemon 20 Manaphy
HA Porygon


blame telegram
Might as well share my team, not that it was much of a success, hehe...

Elm the Cradily
Sassy <Suction Cups> @Poison Barb
252 Def / 252 Sp. Def / 6 HP
Sludge Wave
Stealth Rock
Rock Slide

Rowan the Ferrothorn
Brave <Iron Barbs> @Metal Coat
252 Def / 252 Sp. Def / 6 Attack
Iron Head
Aerial Ace
Stealth Rock
Leech Seed

My leads were built around the Sludge Wave + Steel-type combo, which ended up being not nearly as powerful as I'd hoped. Aside from that, Ferrothorn's Aerial Ace was pretty decent, but Cradily fell short in almost every respect except being a damage sponge. Ultimately, these two were good at lasting long on the field but bad at accomplishing much during that time.

Sycamore the Super Size Gourgeist
Serious <Pickup> @Flame Plate
252 Atk / 252 Def / 6 Speed
Flame Charge
Shadow Ball

I had hoped Super Size + Flame Charge would allow for pretty good bulk without sacrificing Speed as badly, but even Super Size Gourgeist turned out to be too fragile, so I probably should have opted for Small and invested in Speed rather than Defense. I went with Shadow Ball over Phantom Force in the hopes of avoiding outprediction on Shadow Force's charge turn, but I ended up using the Ghost-type move so infrequently that it probably didn't make a difference.

Juniper the Roserade
Calm <Natural Cure> @Ganlon Berry
252 Sp. Atk / 252 Speed / 6 Sp. Def
Sludge Bomb
Dazzling Gleam
Natural Gift (Ice-type)

Juniper was one of the stars of my team, but still ended up too fragile to last long. Extrasensory + Natural Gift was a hell of a combo to breed, and the latter was a lot less useful than I expected, to boot.

Oak the Chesnaught.
Adamant <Overgrow> @Black Belt
252 Atk / 252 Def / 6 Speed
Pin Missile
Hammer Arm
Spiky Shield

Pin Missile, surprisingly, may have been the single most useful move on my team, and Bite was no slouch, either, for being only 60 power.

Birch the Ludicolo
Modest <Swift Swim> @Damp Rock
252 Sp. Atk / 252 Sp. Def / 6 HP
Rain Dance
Ice Beam
Focus Blast
Fake Out

Rain was an afterthought on this team, and that's probably why Ludicolo didn't shine very well. Too often, it already outsped its foes and didn't have the luxury of wasting a turn on Rain Dance, since it had to attack right out of the gate to get rid of a serious threat. If I were to try to improve my team, I'd probably reimagine it to hinge around Ludicolo and Rain Dance.

I opted not to go with a Mega since I only had access to Abomasnow, which I'm not fond of, and I figured it was a bad idea to use up a slot on a Mega considering there were only three, making it really easy for everyone else to figure out counters for them. (Indeed, Mega Venusaur is the only one I recall having any trouble with, because of its sheer bulk; I was able to counter Mega Abomasnow fairly easily and iirc I didn't ever face a Mega Sceptile. It was mostly people's non-Megas that I had trouble with, lol.)


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Staff member
That was fun! Thanks for some good battles. As far as prizes go, I have some shiny pokémon that might be relevant... a shiny bulbasaur, a shiny treecko, and a shiny snover, plus a shiny whismur I came across while EV training. I also have a lot of HA pokémon, if anyone's interested in those. idk, if maybe MD and the two third place finishers want to pick something, would that work? Am I supposed to ask for something from both Stryke and Equinoxe?

Regardless, anyone should feel free to take some of the breedjects from my team; more info right here.

Looking forward to the next tournament!

Here are the battle videos for my matches, in case you want to see any of them:

vs Equinoxe: 78FW-WWWW-WW4T-KML8
vs JackPK: 396W-WWWW-ww4T-KMZW

I didn't record vs Espeon because I'm dumb and thought I was out of space. My bad!

Anyway, I was pretty excited at the start of the tournament and immediately started planning a team based around mega sceptile, with a discharge rotom as a partner. Sceptile is one of my favorite pokémon, so I was STOKED about getting to use it About then, of course, is when I remembered that I wouldn't be able to use it against any X/Y games. Initially I was disappointed, but then I seized on the thought of unburden sceptile with natural gift, lansat berry, and acrobatics. First turn you get a 100bp flying attack, +2 speed, and +2 crit rate!

...except, of course, that I neglected to check that natural gift worked the way I remembered, i.e. the way I made it work in ASB so it would only suck some of the time instead of all the time. Since sceptile isn't a very strong physical attacker and doesn't get STAB on acrobatics, I didn't think just the +2 speed from unburden was worth it; I needed a stronger physical attacker to take over sceptile's spot. So I ended up last-minute redoing the entire team and not getting to use sceptile after all. =/ It was super cool to see Equinoxe using an acrobatics sceptile in the tournament!

I pretty much built my team around the two primary special attackers, mega venusaur and abomasnow. The rest of the team I set up to support those two. I knew I wanted a physical attacker to take on pokémon with high special defense, and one with fighting attacks in particular that could take out ferrothorn, since my offense was otherwise very poison-heavy. The other were chosen primarily for their typings: I was worried about poison, and sludge bomb most of all, and secondarily flying attacks, since so few pokémon in the format resist them, and I expected them to be the most common attacking types that I'd face. Ferrothorn handles both easily, and trevenant is a poison-neutral pokémon that nicely covers its fighting weakness and deals well with physical attackers in general. Shifty finally added some coverage against psychic-types, which venusaur dislikes, fake out, and speed control in the form of tailwind. There were also some brief considerations of beat up + Virizion shenanigans before I decided to use chesnaught as my physical attacker.

In the end, this was the team I settled on:

Abomasnow @ Choice Scarf
Snow Warning
12 HP, 252 SpA, 244 Spd

Ice Shard
Icy Wind

Abomasnow was the first pokémon on the team and the only one that didn't change substantially over the course of development. The team is designed to wear down the opponent as much as possible, then send abomasnow in to mop up whatever's left. The speed is set to let it outpace any other non-scarfed pokémon in the format outside of mega sceptile, and other than that all it wants to do is hit hard with blizzard. The other attacks don't really matter and are reserved to be useful in potential hail-mary situations, most notably grasswhistle, which could potentially stop an opponent in its tracks. If you're at a point in the game where you need abomasnow to be doing anything other than dumping snow on anything that moves, though, you're probably beyond help.

Special thanks to Kratos Aurion for getting me the choice scarf after I realized far, far too late in the game that I had neither the item nor the BP to get the critical component of this set.

Venusaur @ Venusaurite
Chlorophyll/Thick Fat
60 HP, 4 Def, 252 Sp Atk, 12 SDef, 180 Spd

Sludge Bomb

Once I decided not to use mega sceptile, venusaur was the clear choice for my mega. Thick fat is incredibly valuable in this format, since there are so few pokémon even neutral to fire or ice attacks. Because mega venusaur needs that ability to be really useful as a switch-in, I tried to lead with it as much as possible so I could go mega immediately and be ready to tank a hit if necessary.

Ideally venusaur would have hidden power fire over one of its defensive moves, but I made the mistake of leaving this guy to breed last, at which point I looked at various hidden power breeding guides and essentially went "screw this." The only pokémon that HP fire is better for than sludge bomb is ferrothorn (or bulletproof chesnaught), which I was definitely worried about, but I was really just too tired to care.

The set is pretty easy to use; sludge bomb destroys a very large number of pokémon in the format, and the other moves are simply for getting out of sticky situations. I originally used synthesis + light screen here, but swapped light screen out for safeguard because I was worried about status (and in particular teeter dance). I found myself wanting light screen again, though, particularly when staring down abomasnow, and only found synthesis useful in situations where I was already ahead.

I forget what the speed EV's let venusaur outrun, but it ended up outpacing all the other (mega) venusaur I saw, which was nice. Chlorophyll is pretty useless, only turning on if an opponent set up sun, but since overgrow is useless literally 100% of the time on this set, chlorophyll's what I went with.

Shiftry @ Focus Sash
Early Bird
36 HP, 252 Atk, 28 Def, 28 SDef, 164 Spd

Fake Out

Shiftry was an unexpectedly valuable member of this team. The primary reason I went with shiftry over ludicolo for fake out was snarl, which I thought would help with a couple of the things I was particularly worried about: abomasnow's blizzard and strong special poison attacks in general. It's kind of a notoriously underperforming move, though, and moving to a much frailer pokémon than ludicolo seemed like a dicey choice to make on the basis of that one attack.

In the end, though, snarl was a huge help in many fights, and I often found myself choosing it over fake out even on the first turn Shiftry was on the field. Tailwind is another great move for a relatively slow, bulky team like this. I only used it once, but it was pretty nice when I did.

The maximum attack allows shiftry to OHKO exeggutor, which it did get to do at one point, and therefore help out a bit with venusaur's psychic weakness. I was usually more interested in using Shiftry's support options than attacking, though.

The focus sash turned out to be completely useless, since Shiftry always ended up taking chip damage and often ended up living through two or three attacks, despite low defense investment. The info on its stats is taken directly from the text file I made up when I was planning the team, and I think the shiftry I actually used had chlorophyll; early bird is the better ability for this team, but since I doubted I'd be seeing much sleep (since shiftry is immune to powders, grasswhistle is pretty much the only thing that can put it to sleep, and that's a rare and low accuracy move) and was super tired of hatching eggs I let it go with the somewhat less useful ability, and it never mattered.

Trevenant @ Sitrus Berry
172HP, 4 Def, 252 Atk, 80 Sdef

Phantom Force
Poison Jab

Originally I had harvest exeggutor in this spot, inspired by the exeggutor Wolfe Glicke used at Worlds. Trevenant is a little less powerful and a little less bulky than exeggutor, but it's not weak to poison, one of the attacking types I was most worried about in this tournament.

Trevenant is intended primarily as a staller: it hits opponents with will-o-wisp, then hangs around forever relying on harvest to give it unlimited sitrus berries and protect to let it avoid damage and get extra chances at a berry. Phantom force, as a two-turn attack, gives it even more opportunities to avoid damage and regenerate the sitrus berry. It played more or less as expected. Will-o-wisp is just a fantastic move, and often I never moved on to actually attacking things, being content to sit around and burn whatever crossed Trevenant's path.

I thought I was being so clever with this set, so it tickled me to see MD running the exact same thing!

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
Iron Barbs
252 HP, 172 Atk, 84 Def

Gyro Ball
Thunder Wave
Poison Jab

Ferrothorn was a tough one to pin down, and in the end I made some poor decisions with it. It's very powerful in this format, as one of the few pokémon that resists poison- and flying-type attacks. Picking out only four moves was tricky. Thunder wave was for speed control, but ultimately I never used it or felt myself remotely interested in using it. It also was counterproductive with gyro ball, but gyro ball itself was rarely useful--this is such a slow format the poison jab is almost universally better, a lesson that I somehow failed to learn across the entire tournament, where I kept opting to gyro ball mega abomasnow for some reason. Why. I think running acid spray or curse over thunder wave would have been the right choice.

Although ferrothorn is usually thought of as a defensive pokémon, it actually has pretty good attack, and gyro ball really hurts faster pokémon. Poison jab gives excellent coverage in grass monotype, and is particularly helpful here because there aren't a lot of super-fast pokémon that take the hardest hits from gyro ball. Ferrothorn did a ton of work for the team and got quite a bit of damage in, which wasn't a surprise but was of course greatly appreciated.

Chesnaught @ Coba Berry
140 HP, 252 Atk, 84 SDef, 36 Spd

Hammer Arm
Zen Headbutt
Spiky Shield

Chesnaught was the last pokémon on the team to be finalized. Originally I had a physical sceptile in this spot, and then I went to Virizion instead. Above all I wanted a pokémon that would be able to take on ferrothorn without a problem, and chesnaught can certainly do that. It also helps against mega venusaur, since bulletproof protects it from sludge bomb and zen headbutt does reasonable damage. I ultimately preferred chesnaught to Virizion because I thought that a bulkier pokémon complemented the team better, and as worried as I was about sludge bomb I thought having a pokémon that could demolish most pokémon using it as a primary attack would be a big help.

Most of the moves are pretty self-explanatory. I'm a big fan of feint, since it not only gives chesnaught a priority attack, it can really help to make sure that an obnoxious pokémon dies by stripping its protect/detect so chesnaught's partner can take it down. In practice the pokémon I used feint on were never protecting anyway, but they could have been. A hot contender for this moveslot was helping hand, which works great with abomasnow in particular; I'm not sure there's anything in the format that can take a helping hand-boosted blizzard without being knocked out.

Kratos Aurion

beep beep coming through
I'll be too busy to participate (especially because that would require remembering how to competitive, oops), but I'd be happy to furnish some sparklies as prizes. I have a pretty big selection and can grab a full list if anyone would like to see it, but perhaps limiting it to grass-types would fit the theme of the tourney best? In that case I have vileplume, bellossom, foongus and bulbasaur, in various states of nicknameability; none have particularly good IVs or anything as far as I'm aware, but hey, shiny starter?
I've got these, plus A Lot Of Other Shiny Things that you can ask for a list of if the above don't strike your fancy.


has a BONE to pick with you
Am I supposed to ask for something from both Stryke and Equinoxe?
Dunno! You're free to grab anything you'd like from my offerings regardless. :P

I'll also probably post my team later on as well; I don't have the text file on hand currently and I'm too lazy to write all that stuff again :D


Um... I created an account, but how does this work?
Well, this tournament has actually finished now, sorry!

Each tournament operates differently. If you want to find out how this one worked, just check out the first post in the thread. All of the rules for this particular tournament are explained there.

Hopefully the WiFi league is going to undergo a nice clean up and major overhaul soon anyway, so watch this space. :-)


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Okay, I read it. When does the next one start?
We don't know; its up to someone else to start a new tournament, which might not be for a little while. But like Espeon said, the WiFi league is going through renovations, so you probably won't have to wait too long :)