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The Clue Game

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I can't really say much more about 15...It's logic, has nothing to do with Pokémon, and reading the clue game page again might help.
Anything: You know, I first spotted a Pidgey on Route 1...

Sorry if that spoiler is too big of a hint. If it is, then somebody feel free to tell me!

Now, I am stuck on 23 x.x
I'm stuck on two, and it's not magikarp D:
Okay, I'm stuck on three and THIS IS ANNOYING to look through the whole site.
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Ive tried just about everything in the site section.(spoiler)
if it has to do with the zodiac, i probably wont be able to guess it.there are just too many possible answers in there.
Uh okay, I think I know where to look for three. Although, I thought I would never go there again. EVER. Once was enough <.<

Okay, at nine right now. (Four and five were too easy >.>) I was stuck on seven for a bit, but I sniffed it out ;P
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Ekibyōgami;39649 said:
Anyone have any hints for #21?

It has a little connection with clue 16, but it isn't on purpose. It's just my imagination acting up.

Anybody heeeeeeelp me with clue 26!

*does happy dance*
I just got the answer to clue 26!
*happy dances some more*

Is 27 a multiple choice clue or something else?
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