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The Clue Game

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I have four things to say. *edited out for too much information*

I hope that that doesn't give too much away. I need help for 27.

All right, I got it! Thanks! I still have no idea how that's the answer, but...maybe I'll try to figure it out some other time.
EDIT: Oh, I get it now :P

Now for 27. Hmmm...
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13, I know it's a Pokémon. i've tried all the unlucky Pokémon I can think of and the Pokémon that is actually number 13, but I still can't get it...
Uh for 13 The unlucky number is because it's clue 13, but think hard of the last word in the clue. Which pokemon goes with that?

Hope I didn't make it too easy :/

(Good luck on 14, I'm still stuck. Although, I think I know the answer, I'm just too lazy to find it right now >.>)
Ah. I'd have it now, if only I could remember which Pokémon has that word as its species. I know there is one, I just can't remember which...

EDIT: Ahah! Got it now. Thanks!

Now, 14. I'm assuming it has something to do with the Pokémon in Clue 13's first appearance, but... I don't really know.
So it's where the Pokémon can be caught for the first time?

Sorry if that's too much.
Castform: I'm on route to catching that Pokémon, catching that Pokémon, catching that Pokémon! I'm on route, I'm on route, I'm on route to catching that Pokémon!

Believe me, it'll help.
Well, finally off of the hell hole that is 23...

Now stuck on 25 x.x

I tried Dugtrio, Magneton, ANY Pokemon that is surrounded by others as its evolution. >.< But apparently, they don't count as surrounded on all sides...
Icalasari: It used to be "single" but is now surrounded on both sides by...?
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