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The Friend Safari Gift Shop


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Next door to the Friend Safari, connected by only a small vestibule to it, you notice that there lies a modern-looking shop with huge windows and a sign reading The Friend Safari Gift Shop. Deciding to see what the shop is like, you head over and walk inside.

Inside, there are boxes everywhere, some labeled, some colorful, and some plain. A Meowth that appeared to have been napping before you came in on some boxes wakes up, glances at you, hops down from its perch, and runs off. Following it, you see it rubbing up against the leg of a young man, around 20. "Oh! Good afternoon! Welcome to the shop! We sell all sorts of helpful evolutionary items for Pokemon... but we've recently had a huge shipment, and I haven't been able to put everything away! I can give you a specific item, but if you lighten my load and take an unmarked box, I'll sell it for a reduced price! Anyway, see anything you're interested in?"

Unmarked Large Box: $5
Unmarked Small Box: $8
Specified Evolutionary Stone: $15
Specified Evolutionary Item: $20

(Large Boxes can contain any evolutionary stone; a Fire Stone, Water Stone, Thunder Stone, Leaf Stone, Ice Stone, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone, or Dawn Stone.
Small Boxes can contain any evolutionary item; a Deep Sea Scale, Deep Sea Tooth, Dragon Scale, Dubious Disc, Electrizer, King's Rock, Magmarizer, Metal Coat, Oval Stone, Prism Scale, Protector, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, Reaper Cloth, Satchet, Up-Grade, or Whipped Dream.)
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The clerk perks up a little hearing you say this, and says "Thank you! You've made my job a little easier!". He then proceeds to reach up to the top of a stack of boxes at least 5 and a half feet tall, plucks two somewhat small boxes about the size of a cantaloupe, and hands them to you. Opening them up eagerly, you find:

reaper-cloth x1 Reaper Cloth

magmarizer x1 Magmarizer
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