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The "Fwee" Thread

Me and my sister went into a small abandoned building through an unlocked old creaky window in the back while it was dark and rainy outside, took pictures and got out without breaking anything or being noticed by anyone. :O

I really, really love exploring abandoned places and this was the first one I'd gone in from some less conventional entrance, plus a lot closer to non-abandoned houses than any other place I'd been. The place had apparently been some kind of a shop and there were boxes and stuff strewn around, but funnily enough, the electricity was still on since there were green lights in some fuse box thingy (and a radiator, right under the OPEN and PARTIALLY BROKEN WINDOW we came in from was on and noticeably warm). Someone out there is paying to keep that place warm (probably without knowing it themselves) and I think that's kinda funny. :D

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it here, but I absolutely adore the atmosphere that abandoned buildings and places have. There's just something utterly fascinating and compelling about being in a place no one else has set foot in for years, and just looking through all the stuff, not taking or breaking anything. It's spooky and amazing and I have a mighty need for more. *u*




Look at this little gem (no pun intended) that I found hiding in the display case of a used games store! Considering I'm learning Italian at school, but I'm in my last semester since they don't offer the next level of Italian, this is perfect for helping me actually become fluent in the language. I only understand like half of it so far but I can still interpret the general gist of conversations based on 1) what I do understand, 2) knowledge of the original dialogue and 3) similarities between Italian and English. I'm having fun so far and I can't wait to play more and eventually play Hamtaro and X/AS in Italian!

(Yes, those are bite marks on the top of my SP. It's been through a lot and is still in better condition than any of my other systems save my 3DS, which itself was just recently replaced. I love this SP like no other system. The best part is I basically stole it from my sister a few years back because she'd had it for years and rarely ever played it, and it's way better than my even-more-worn SP that I also still have.)
I know!! When I picked it up it only had the New Game (Nuovo Gioco) option and I was worried that meant it had a dead battery, but it's saving and progressing time fine so far!
oh my gawd one of my sketches on deviantart that i did months ago suddenly got featured in someone's dA article and it got a bunch more views that is awesome

and like i feel super honored that they would think my doodle was that good like i cant even punctuate right now im so happy
One of my classmates shaved her head to raise money for our Relay For Life (it's a HUGE fundraiser for the American Cancer Society)

Oh my gosh why did nobody tell me Clannad was getting an official English translation?

I'm going to buy it so hard when it's finished.
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