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The "Fwee" Thread


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Do you ever play pranks on yourself? Because I'm at my parents house today and I walked past my model of the Saturn V rocket and thought "I remember there being a secret compartment you could open, I wonder if I used that as a hiding place for something?" and I opened it hoping it would be like a £5 or something but instead it was a piece of paper that essentially said "gotcha".

Well played, past me.


local hellion
At our "we're juniors going on seniors let's celebrate" party someone asked if he and someone else were the only gay people there

And I mentally went "WELP THERE'S NO BETTER OPPORTUNITY" and asked if bisexuality counted

And everyone was very proud of me and I got a lot of hugs and the original asker was crying a bit (though that was partially the alcohol and several other things said; someone was talking about the AIDS epidemic since he was born in the eighties and another guy called us torchbearers ("oh my god we're olympians!" - an actual thing the other gay guy said that I found adorable))

And also my friend had been dropping hints that multiple people were excited for my twentyfirst birthday and I recieved confirmation that night that it was, in fact, the ENTIRE CLASS.

The Omskivar

chah, dude
So I went to my Introduction to Acting class today, which I did all of the semester's homework for (13 things omg) last night. My teacher, before class even started, approached me and said he had read my journals (we had to do four of them) and that if I was going to be a Theater major, I would need an advisor, and that he would be happy to advise me.

So we went to his office after class, and he told me that I "absolutely have the talent for it" and that he'd seen that ever since I picked Hamlet's famous soliloquy as my first class monologue (!!!!!). He then went on to outline the classes I would need to take once my major change went through. I expressed my concerns about my GPA after this semester (given that I'm failing every class besides Acting) and he told me that if I'm academically dismissed, or put on academic probation, let him know as soon as I finished the appeal process. This is because he is a member of whatever group approves the appeals, and he'd be more than happy to vouch for me.

He then sent me to another teacher, the lighting director, with whom I had taken a class last semester thinking it was a prerequisite for Introduction to Acting. This was not the case; however, I got approval (enthusiastic approval!) from this teacher to do an independent study, which would supplement the class I did take with 2 extra credits. Wow, what luck! And a lot of hands-on experience with various theater tech.

I'm feeling great. Because of where this guy's office was, I left the Center of the Arts through the side door, and who should I run into but my new advisor? He's out having a smoke and chatting with a woman on her way in, and he introduces us--it's one of the most prominent theater teachers and stage directors, who recommends that I audition for "I Hate Hamlet" on Sunday. The bulletin asked for a "contemporary comedic monologue," which I have, but she told me that she'd heard I had a Hamlet monologue, and requested that I audition with that instead. So now not only do I have a much clearer picture of my academic future, but I have an audition on Sunday.

All this happened before noon. This might be the best day I've had since summer.


There's gonna come a day when you feel better
New motivational/feeling-good-about-myself strategy! Gold star stickers!

I ordered a couple thousand from Amazon, and now: Did homework? Gold star! Kept my dad from drawing me into an argument? Gold star! Took a shower? Gold star!

It's ridiculous that this should be so helpful but oh man it's so helpful


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
The game the picture that used to be in my signature is from has finally been released digitally!

Really convenient seeing as now I don't have to break into my brother's room and nab the CD every time I want to play it.


formerly known as Jaketiger1116
I keep making things easier for myself as a GM for Heroes Unlimited and I'm loving it! I have an Excel document for plotting out Robotics characters and telling me if I go overbudget as well as an experience spreadsheet which allows me to quickly and easily credit players for their actions and it automatically updates their level based on their total experience so far! This last one is especially important to me, since we were always terrible at keeping track of experience. Our characters got to level 2 like, once.


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omg holy SHIT I just wanted to take a little break from trying to fill the National Dex for the shiny charm and went to SR Ho-oh "just a little" last night. Today I also did a few SRs (probably less than 20, idk I wasn't counting) and long story short I NOW HAVE A SHINY HO-OH!

Only took a grand total of 3 Repeat Balls (I already had Ho-Oh in my dex), but my Synchronizer failed (again) + it has poopy IVs and a Serious nature (AGAIN). Not complaining though because I've wanted a shiny one for a long time hhhhhhhhhh *u*
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