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The "Fwee" Thread

ok this is sorta silly but

been playing hearthstone for 6 years and finally got my first 12-win arena run :love:

and it wasn't even close tbh, 12-0 with only the 11th win being tricky to get

i'm never going to get this lucky again
I'm making changes to my plant-watering schedule, and I'm hoping this will make them happier and healthier! ^^ Additionally I'm actually doing things on the correct days so far, which is good because my ADHD brain finds it hard to follow time in a linear fashion. I'll fight the brain lag, for my leafy children!
What changes are you making if you want to say?

Meanwhile I rediscovered an interest for homestuck
A) I beat camp nanowrimo!!!! I have never actually succeeded at anything of that variety before and I’m SO proud of myself
B) I was reading a fic this morning and left a comment (cause I’m enjoying it so far) and the author began their response by freaking out because apparently they love my big ol monster-sized fic and that’s the story of how I almost cried of happiness
got more cardboard crack in the mail and double-sleeved my MtG commander deck while watching Parks & Rec last night

can't play with anyone except Tofu rn but I'm looking forward to going to Friday Night Magic events sometime in the post-pandemic future
until then it's been fun playing with ILS and some of my irl friends on Tabletop Simulator
I have done nothing but teleport bread play Horizon: Zero Dawn for the past 5 days.
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My grades are gonna be awful next year. If it's online school, even for a little bit, my ability to function is 50% lower. :C my grades are gonna suck meaning i can't go to the high school i want meaning i can't go to the college i want meaning I CAN'T GET THE JOB I WANT MEANING MY LIFE IS SCREWWWWWWWED.

And when i tell people this it sounds selfish, because i'm putting others at risk to go to actual school.

My film teacher looks like she's gonna write up a letter o' reccomendation to the high school i wanna get into! :D this combined with fact that even though corona exists i'm still pretty good at school is a very good thing! :D :D
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