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The "Fwee" Thread

theres a plant at my job near the cash registers that has always seemed like its on deaths doorstep, with a couple yellow or brown dropping leaves/stalks. also at my work, theres usually a case of water bottles in the back room that anyone is free to grab from, and its not uncommon to see leftover water bottles lying around the store. recently, i decided to kill two birds with one stone and water the poor plant with the leftover water bottles laying around. this week, it started to bloom for the first time i can remember since i started there, and i feel really proud :smile:
Sorry for the double posting but the anti trans bill in Florida died in the senate due to not enough time for it to iron out controversy and sports teams withdrawing events to protest it, and also the Arizona bill was vetoed a day earlier for its vague language said to have unintended consequences (ya don't say). Get nae nae'd transphobes, Idahos's next.
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