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The Ginga-Dan Two Parter


yan ya yan ya yaa iii yaaa
... will be made of awesome. At least, as awesome as Pocket Monsters can get. HUZZAH!

Bubagarden Thread

A member on Bubagarden said it best:
Casual_Furi said:
Our TV and computer screens might not be able to handle the sheer win of these episodes. Best put on our goggles. I heard Jesus will have a cameo.


emotionless and cold as ice
Aaaaaargh, Cyrus, Mars, Saturn, and more Toxicroak! Sounds like a great two-parter indeed. It seems like they're handling Galactic a lot better than they handled Aqua and Magma. It makes me happy, because Team Galactic is awesome.

Although I'm a bit more excited about the Aaron episode, because Aaron was my favorite Sinnoh E4. :]


occasionally known as Giratina
Um, DUH.

Cyrus, Mars, Jupiter, and everything else that made D/P awesome will be in these episodes.

I am so recording themmmmm~