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In Progress The Kiwis Discussion

guy standing behind you

Trying to be active again!
This started out as a weird roleplay-type-thing in the Fish Jumpers social group. The storyline is a bit weird due to the fact it had a bunch of people pulling it in different directions. I decided to turn it into a story, but for obvious reasons I had to edit certain events and characters out because they had little effect on the story, or in the case of characters, were only there for a short while. Have fun reading this strange story. Feedback is much appreciated.


Chapter 1

The early morning sunshine sparkled through the wide, circular skylight of the Fish Jumpers meeting room. It reflected on the tiled floor, which showed a magikarp, the symbol of their organization. The Fish Jumpers themselves sat in decorated thrones stationed around the room.

They were an odd bunch. They all looked different, and came from different places around the world. They were all staring up at their leader, Richie. She had been the one who had summoned them all here in the early hours of the morning. She was a striking figure, with an air of command around her. She cleared her throat and spoke out to the thirty-something people assembled before her.

"As you all know, we have recently had a surge of kiwis entering Fish Jumpers Land. They seemed pretty harmless, but after a while, they took over the adoptables shop." Several Fish Jumpers nodded their heads, remembering the event. "Anyway, we need to take a course of action now. The kiwis have done something unspeakably horrible." A silence filled the room at this point, as all of the Fish Jumpers wondered what horrible thing the kiwis could have done.
Rchie cleared her throat again. "They've kidnapped Soupfish."

A cry of outrage exploded in the room. Soupfish was the mascot of their organization. All of the members loved her, and they would destroy anything that threatened her. Richie slammed her fist down on the side of her throne to silence them all.

"Does anyone have any idea as to how we should get her back?" This was met with more silence. Until one person sitting in the back of the room spoke:

"Have the kiwis made any demands yet?" All eyes turned towards this one person. His name was Kaibs. He was of normal height, and he wore a flowing white coat. He sat back in his throne, seemingly relaxed. He looked up at Richie, awaiting an answer.

She looked down towards him, and replied: "Yes, I was going to get to that later. They say they they want all of the adoptable eggs or they'll kill Soupfish." This was met with another outburst, and it took a while for everyone to settle down. "I've decided that we will send out a team to deal with this issue, and get Soupfish back to us safely. The following people will be on the team: Dar," a tall boy with reddish-brown hair stood up and lifted a duffel bag over his shoulder, "guy standing behind you," a robot (actually a person's brain in a robotic body) with cyan-green eyes stood up, "Kaibs," who stood up, his cloak swishing around his ankles, "PenguinAndFriends," a boy of medium height with short, brown hair stood up,"and lastly, me. That's it. No clomplaining if you weren't chosen. Too bad."

A quiet grumble went around the room from those who weren't picked. Kaibs glanced to the side and spoke to Richie: "I know what the first job for the team will be." Richie looked towards him suspiciously.

"What?" she said in a slightly annoyed tone. Kaibs pointed to the left of Richie's throne.

"Taking care of that kiwi spy."

I like it very much :3 Although it might be confusing to those who aren't Fish jumpers.
Looks cool. I like how this is all official-like and serious here, when in actuality it was just talking about a 'trojan egg', and then a kiwi spy appeared and teleported away.

And yes, this will be so confusing to everyone else.
Chapter 2

The kiwi spy leapt forward, landing on the floor and took off running towards the door. The Fish Jumpers sent bullets, lasers, and even rocks hurling in its diretion, but it was moving too fast. All of the projectiles hit the floor as the kiwi ran out the door. The team that Richie had called moved right into action, running out the door in pursuit of the kiwi. They made it outside, and saw the kiwi running towards a capsule-shaped machine.

"It's too fast!" yelled Richie, trying to catch up to the kiwi. She was close behind, but couldn't reach it in time. The kiwi jumped into the machine, which gave off a blast of blinding light. When the team could see again, the machine was gone.

"Well that sucks," said Dar, who stopped next to Richie. "How are we supposed to find it now?" He glanced around, looking to see if the landscape provided any clues. They was silence for a moment.

"We could try heading towards the spot where they kiwis first showed up'" said guy, speaking in a human voice which seemed unnatrual coming from a robot's body. "There are tons of them there." Everyone in the group seemed to agree to this.

"How should we get there?" asked Richie, looking around as if to see if some method of transportation might magically present itself to them.

"I think I've got a way'" stated Dar, who reached into his duffel bag and produced two pokéballs. He pressed the buttons on them, expanding them to their full size and tossed them in the air. They flashed a white light and a Stoutland and a Mightyena materialized on the ground. "These are Harvey and Jessica," Dar said proudly. He swung his leg over Harvey's shoulder and climbed up on his back. "Each of them can hold two people," Dar said. "That means one of us can't ride."

guy interrupted him. "I can fly myself there." He clicked his heels together, and a jet of fire came spurting out of the bottom of his feet.

"In that case," said Kaibs, "I call shotgun!" He climbed up on Harvey's back, sitting behind Dar, while Penguin and Richie got on Jessica. At a command from Dar the two dogs started running at an amazing speed in the direction of the kiws.


I felt lazy. Next chapter will probably be longer.
Looking good. Although it worries me that each chapter seems to be about a page or so of the discussion, and there were more than two-hundred pages of stuff. And this was the part where not a lot happened.
I'm feeling a little bit lazy, and I don't have a lot of time because I'm trying to finish work to let me skip a bunch of high school classes. The later chapters will probably be longer, but there will be more time in between in one I post. The next chapter will be up to the part where Kiwi Kiwi shows up.
Kiwi Kiwi? Then it must be a pretty long chapter, because there was alot between the kiwi spy and that.
Too late.

Chapter 3

The dogs were running, raising a giant cloud of dust behind them. guy flew overhead, struggling to see in the cloud of dust that obscured his vision. He rose a little higher in the air and saw the kiwi base in the distance. "Guys!" he yelled down to the people below, "I can see the base! We'll be there soon!" He sank a little, flying just above the dust cloud. Down on the ground, the dogs began to slow down.

The people riding the dogs dismounted. "Thanks Harvey, Thanks Jessica," said Dar, as he recalled them into their pokéballs. He put these back in his duffel bag and walked over to where everyone else was standing.

"Well, what now?" asked Penguin.

"Alright," said Richie, her usual air of command restored to her voice, "we're gonna get in the base and attack as many kiwis as possible until they either give us Soupfish, or we find her and rescue her. It seems like a simple plan, but anything could go wrong."

They began to run towards the base, and when they got there, they hid along one side of a wall. Richie signalled to the rest to follow her, and she ran along the side, her back bent low to avoid being sighted. She stopped in front of the door, and waited until everyone else caught up. When they were all there, she let out a scream and kicked the door down. Everyone ran inside, prepared to fight, but the room was empty.

"Where'd they all go?" Dar asked suspiciously. He looked around. "Wait, where did Richie go?"

They looked around, but she was nowhere to be found. "Here I am," she whispered, suddenly standing at the back of the group.

"How did you get back there?" Dar whispered.

"What are you talking about? I've been right here the whole time. Now, be careful, the kiwis may still be here. They could show up at any mo—"

Her speaking was cut off by a loud, low voice that seemed to be coming from the walls. "ASSIMILATE! ASSIMILATE! ANY OF YOU FISH JUMPERS WHO WERE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO TRUST A KIWI WILL NOW JOIN US!"

Penguin and guy backed away. They knew for a fact that the other three all had pet kiwis. And sure enough, their eyes had turned kiwi-green, and their faces were crossed with evil smiles.

Richie turned to the other two. "Dar, why don't you go get our friends a nice snack. I'm sure they'll love it." Dar walked over towards a counter and lifted up a tray of cookies.


Pengiun turned to guy. "I just want to point out that this time I didn't do anything that made them go crazy." guy looked annoyed.

"This really isn't the best time to remeber stupid things you've done in the past."

Dar was walking towards them now. "Come on, have a cookie. It won't kill you."

"I get the feeling that now would be a good time to get out of here." guy grabbed Penguin's arm and pulled him outside. He activated his jet feet again, and went flying off at a high speed in the direction of an airport.


"Explain to me again why we're at an airport when you can fly us somewhere yourself," muttered Penguin, as he and guy walked through the airport. "Are we even in Fish Jumpers Land anymore?"

"No," replied guy. "And we're here because I'm likely to run out of fuel eventually." They walked up towards the boarding ramp.

"Why are werunning away instead of fighting?"

"Because I didn't have enough fuel to get us anywhere else."

"Why don't you just get more fuel?" He pointed towards a room labeled "Fuel Room".

guy blinked. "That couldn't be any more conveinient," he stated. He lifted up his head flap and pulled out a funnel. "I'll be back in a minute. Save me a seat."


When he was done siphoning the fuel, guy got on the plane. He looked around and saw Penguin. He walked up to him. "Hey, guy, the seats on this plane are really comfortable. And that nice flight attendant gave me a cookie!" guy looked in the direction Penguin was pointing. He looked at the flight attendant for a moment. Suddenly, he turned and violently knocked the cookie out of Penguin's hand. "Aww... my cookie...," muttered Penguin.

"It was a kiwi cookie!" guy shouted, as the flight attendant turned around. It was Richie wearing the uniform of a flight attendant. "How did you get here?"

"Through the magic of kiwiness. And now you're trapped, because Dar is piloting this thing and Kaibs is in the luggage rack above you. You might as well give up now." She held out a cookie, offering it to them. guy knocked it out of her hand as Penguin pulled a bag of random magic cookies out of thin air and dumped them on the floor.

"Where did you get a bag of cookies?"

"Umm... Internet?"

Dar walked through the door at that moment, seeing the pile of cookies on the floor. "COOKIES!!" he shouted, and dived into the pile. He shoved one in his mouth and suddenly became a fish, flopping on the floor. He suddenly changed back into a human though.

"Looks like my cookies only work for a little bit," said Penguin. "We may want to get out of here." guy grabbed his arm and ran towards the hatch. He flung open the door and jumped out, dragging Penguin with him. He hit himself in the head, releasing a parachute.

"Is it just me, or does that ocean down there look like kiwi juice," said Penguin, still hanging on to guy's arm. "And that island over there looks like a cookie."

"Well we should probably head for the island anyway," said guy, swinging towards the side and carrying his weight in the direction of the island. He looked up and saw Kaibs, Dar, and Richie jump out of the plane.

As guy and Penguin landed, they saw their three friends try to pull parachute cords. Only Richie's worked. As she floated gently downwards, the other two were coming towards the ground at a high speed; they hit it with a sickening thud.

"I wonder if that killed them," Penguin said. "Oh, wait, no." They were climbing out of the hole they had made, just as Richie landed. Dar walked over to the kiwi ocean and stuck his hand in. He pulled out a slimy squid-like creature.

"Oh, look, how convienient," he said. "A Diamond Squid. These are extremely poisonus." He threw it at Penguin, who easily dodged.

"Oh look, you just gave me a weapon," said Penguin. He lifted open guy's head and pulled out two kiwi fruits. "Everyone knows that the favorite fruit of the Diamond Squid is the kiwi." He threw the fruits first, landing them by Kaibs' feet. He then threw the squid, which seemed to go into a frenzy once it saw the kiwis. Dar reached into his bag and pulled out a book.

"Actually, the Diamond Squid's favorite food is the pomegranate," he said. "And it reproduces asexually, the lucky bastard." This comment got him a slap across the face from Richie, but as she did this, the squid seemed to stretch itself out and broke itself at the middle. There were now two diamond squids lying on the ground. Both of them repeated the process, and so did the new ones, and on and on.

"Oh look, we've got an army now," said Richie. "And since they live in the kiwi ocean, they'll listen to us. ATTACK!!!!!!" Suddenly everything was a frenzy. The squids went in all directions, guy jumped over them, picked one up and threw it at Dar. He retaliated by scooping some up into his bag, which he used to fire them like a cannon. Penguin ran to the side, throwing squids at Kaibs. Richie just stood there, smiling.

"And now that everything is chaos, I will reveal to you my true form. You see, I am not your precious leader. I am..." And with these words, she began to change shape. Her body grew larger, and her skin became covered with feathers. A beak grew from her face, and she began to laugh. "... Kiwi Kiwi,the giant kiwi! And all of your friends who are under my control..." Dar and Kaibs began to transform as well. They grew into kiwis, not quite as tall as Kiwi Kiwi, but still large enough to stab someone with their beaks.

"Uh-oh," said Penguin. "We're screwed."


You're not getting another chapter for at least two days. Sorry.
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