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The Last Time

Gardevoir Girl

^Don't call me that
It’s the story that should never be told,
The voice that should never be heard;
It’s the minutes and the hours ticking by,
The breath carrying a person’s last word.

It’s the moment that the pain strikes hard,
The tears that fall at time’s relentless tread;
It’s the glance thrown at a sleeping lover,
The empty space beside them in bed.

It’s the last time you see your childhood school,
Your locker’s broken shelves and shattered door;
It’s the hand-stitched shirt lying in your hands,
The crumpled birthday gift you never wore.

It’s the song that has always made you cry,
The one you choose for some future date;
It’s every silent promise that you make
In loving gazes given to your soulmate.

It’s the last time your lover holds your hand,
Cradling it against their shaking chest;
It’s the silent smile you force yourself to give,
The whispered reassurance that this is best.

It’s the breath slipping out between still lips,
The last feeble beat of a dying heart;
It’s the flowers in the vase beside your head,
Their petals drooping, fluttering apart…


New member
you make a good poet, you should try and get some of these published

why didn't i ever visit this section of the forums?