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Completed The Messenger


Actually more of a harmour fan
WARNING: At the beginning of this fanfiction, there is blood, moderate violence and a little bit of killing.

"The Messenger" is a saga about a creature I made up. No one knows its/his real name, so they call it "the Messenger." This is because the people believe it is a messenger from somewhere that is impossible to get to.
However, there are some after the Messenger.
Their goal is to capture the Messenger and use it for evil purposes.
Who are these people? Read "The Messenger" to find out!

(Click here for a picture of the Messenger. It makes the story easier to understand.)

You're going to be sitting here for awhile if you plan to read the whole thing, so grab a snack, something to drink and enjoy the story.


A mysterious creature ran along the large city street. Night had crawled into every corner of thet dark place. At the same time, starlight filled the streets. The creature's feet made short, loud taps on the pavement as it raced past tall buildings. The noises were a split second apart. The creature's long, thick tail ((Which is not visible in the image)) waved back and forth in the great gust of velocity. The creature was surprisingly human-like, and at the same time very similar to an animal. Its slit-pupiled eyes gazed ahead into the navy darkness. A seven-foot fence behind two dumpsters came into view. The creature's eyes widened as it let out a quiet, male-sounding gasp. Then, it closed its mouth and grumbled. Its next steps were taken with bent knees. The creature launched itself into the air, clearing the dumpsters and fence to land safely on the other side.

The creature continued to run, only looking back when the tip of a grappling hook latched onto the top of the fence.
The tan-skinned "animal" looked forward again and turned left into a blackened alley. It crouched in the shadows, this time on all four legs, just as a brown-haired man came over the top of the fence that the creature had jumped over just seconds earlier. The purple-suited man lowered himself to the ground, followed by two of his grunts. The grunts took the hook off of the fence and stored it away. Meanwhile, the man walked forward, toward the creature's hiding place with an evil grin on his face.

The red-striped being closed its eyes and focused on its surroundings. It psychically looked around the street, seeing the black-and-white outlines of the three humans coming toward it. The creature watched carefully as the first figure of the group came in front of the alley... and turned to look at the creature. "Is anyone there?" the man asked, sounding taunting. The enigmatic creature let out a quiet, frustrated grunt and opened its eyes. The starlight once again reflected off them, letting the man know the creature's presence.

"I thought so," the man said. The creature remained still. "Come out, I won't hurt you."
The half-human used its psychic powers to reach into the man's thoughts... the man was lying.
It bent its knees and hurled itself at the man. Its clawed paws reached out to the man, slashing his shoulder with the side-claw of the left paw. The man cried out, stepping back as blood dripped out of the wound. He clenched his teeth and growled, pulling out a weapon that fired iron spheres. He pulled the trigger, aimed at the creature's throat. The other-world being made an entertained chuckle and easily twisted out of the way, deepening the gash on its enemy. Again, the human shouted, this time louder. "Darn you, Messenger! Owww!"

The apparent Messenger reacted to the sound of its name This name... is this what the humans call me? Darn them all... crazy things... The Messenger knew the human languages, and had feelings, thoughts and emotions just like one. Then, the Messenger threw its paw forward, aiming the poison-filled top spike at the human. "Prepare for your DEATH!"
The deadly creature felt its spike sink into the man's skin. The venom would automatically be injected into his system, killing him within 45 seconds. The Messenger grinned, satisfied with the destroying of another enemy. As the human weakened, the Messenger filled his mind with final thoughts. ((Now I might be getting too many "The messenger did this". I'll watch what I do.))
"There is no way to defeat me," it quietly told the human. "Simple weapons like yours are much too easy to dodge." Then it raised its voice. "Tell your next of kin that I will overcome this world's evil ones. Now, you shall die." The man's life ended as he heard the Messenger's final words.

The beast turned to the grunts, who were frozen with fear. "You," the Messenger said sternly. "Go tell your population that I am coming for them, and I cannot be stopped. No matter how hard they try, I will keep coming. Tell them to send" The two humans nodded quickly and darted out of the area before the time it took to say "Do it now." The one live being left in the scene looked at the dead man one last time, and turned its feet. Then, it was gone.

The Messenger dashed toward a dome-shaped capsule on the horizon. An eerie green light was surrounding it. The animate being was near by the time it fully examined the vessel. Soon, it slowed down in front of the pod and touched it with one forepaw. A vertical slit opened to reveal a hollow internal. The Messenger stepped inside, and the vessel teleported it somewhere else.

When the door opened, it revealed a grassy plain. Strong wing blew across it, flattening the grass against the ground. The Messenger stepped out, taking in the sight of the steppe. It had been here before. Or had it?

It began to walk toward a tall building; part of a city in the middle of nowhere, no doubt. Or, was the city connected to many others like it? There was no way to tell until the mysterious creature got closer.

The Messenger walked faster, anxious to see what was in the city. Soon, it had broken into a run, with the building coming to meet it. About a minute later, the being slowed down, taking in the large sights. Even the city it had been in the night before hadn't been this big. Cars were rushing everywhere, with barely any people walking places. The Messenger continued forward, exploring the street it was on. On the right side, there was a short hedge with a parking lot beside it; on the left, there was a shop selling cups of coffee and pastries. The otherworld beast had never seen humans eat and drink such things before, but the Master had told it about everything it needed to know about humans and their traditions. It saw a huge square object up ahead, propped on the brick wall of a cubic building. This was a billboard that humans used to advertise their businesses, so the Master had said.

The Messenger came to a four-way intersection. Somehow, it recognised the place, even though it was sure it had never been here before. It just continued walking, taking in the silver and gray sights to be seen.

Eventually, dusk fell upon the city. The Messenger had found hiding places where it could examine humans, and record the information in his mind. It would transfer it to the Master once it got a hold of him.

In the dark of night, lampposts' lights shone on the ground, brightening the street around. The Messenger had reached a neighborhood, much less busy than the city not far away. How can a city so isolated be so successful at the same time? Soon, the beast came across an old, abandoned house. Its windows were boarded, and the door was covered in splinters. The mailbox was rusty and ragged, and the fence was torn up. What was this? The Messenger felt a strange attraction to this place. It started to step toward the walkway, but turned one of its paws. This wasn't a good idea. What if it was seen?

It turned again. That didn't matter. It just needed a good look at this place.

The Messenger dashed down the path as quietly as possible. The door was locked and impossible to bash down without drawing attention. The creature went around the house, coming to the backyard. There was a pond with barely any water in it, along with a large grassy area and a broken swingset. There was a hole in the back door, large enough for the Messenger to crawl through. It walked curiously over, and squeezed itself into the dark house.

There was a rough carpet beneath its paws. The being climbed the short stairway, coming to a hall. The right was a dead end with a door ajar; the left led to a dusty living room with worn couches and dirty cabinets. It decided to go right.

It grabbed the door handle and slowly pushed it open. The door creaked ominously, letting the dark flow out of the pitch-black room. The Messenger tried using its eyes, but he could see nothing, and the lack of light made its vision fuzzy and wrong. It grunted, closed its eyes, and aimed a psychic beam to echo around the room.

The beast could see now, but in a different way. It saw the outline of a television on a coffee table, and across the room, a small bed barely big enough to hold one person. A window was next to the TV, but the glass was cracked and there was a hole in it. There was a picture hung on the wall, but with its limited vision the Messenger couldn't tell what it was a painting of. It opened its eyes again, stopping the use of its psychic powers. But just before its sight faded to nothing, a small sparkle came from the corner of the room.

It gasped, excited to discover, and immediately continued searching the room. The glint came again, and the Messenger walked to the middle of the room. It turned its head and saw a small necklace tucked behind the TV. It picked the piece of jewelry up in its paw, taking it out into the slightly brighter hallway to examine it.

The string was made of pearls painted gold, and at the side opposite the clip there was a large flat charm at least twice as big as the pearls. The charm bore a ruby stone, shaped like a diamond. The Messenger felt silly wearing a human object, but it reached behind its neck and put the necklace on. I feel... better, it thought, interested. Why is this feeling so familiar...?

The beast closed its eyes, tame and deep in thought. It could not find out why, but it felt nostalgic, longing for the past of this necklace. What was this? It blinked its eyes open again, continuing down the hallway toward the living room.

The living room was a bit brighter, due to the dim lightbulb flickering on and off in a lamp. That must have been burning for years now. The Messenger opened one of the glass-doored cabinets. Inside, there was a black radio, full of dust and knobs that were stuck in place. A spider web was hung in the corner of the cabinet, and the place was dark and musty.

It closed the door, wandering to the dining room and kitchen. There was nothing special here, so the being simply exited the house. It was past midnight now, so it continued further down the neighborhood street. It noticed a green light on the horizon, everything unlike the sun. The Messenger picked up the pace, eager to find out what the light was. It came closer and closer, and by dawn, it was right next to the glow. Machine-like whirs came from the thing giving off the glow, which was a purple-and-gray dome with complex technology. It appeared to be a headquarters building of some sort. It was much taller than the Messenger, and then... Wait, I know this place, but I don't recognise it.

The ruby on its necklace reflected the light, shining a brilliant color. The being looked up and decided to explore this place. It walked to the door, which automatically slid open and closed as it went past. It looked back one last time and continued down the long hallway. There were doors on the right and left, but the Messenger was most drawn to the large door at the end, leading to a round, circular room. This door opened automatically also, and the Messenger didn't nearly get his tail stuck. The room was painted a yellow-green, and other strange beasts were sitting in front of complex computers at the sides of the room. The Messenger stayed quiet to avoid being detected. There was a large screen on the front window, but apparently it was off. When the creature got close, the screen turned on.

A strange creature's face was displayed on the screen. "Hello. What brings you here, Ikol? I did not expect you to come to this place, but I have been waiting for you."
The Messenger turned to look at the screen. "Who is Ikol?" it asked the animated image.
"You are Ikol," the face answered. "I am the Master."
"What? No, you don't look anything like the Master. And my name is not Ikol, I am the Messenger."
"I shall not tell you why I am. Do not try to deny your identity. Your name is Ikol, the all-powerful being!"
"You undoubtedly have me confused," the red-striped being said calmly.
"I am not confused, Ikol. Don't you remember? I created you."
"Who are you?" the Messenger challenged, raising its voice.
"I told you, I am the Master. You are Ikol, the one I created."
"But I was not created. I was..." it was at a loss of words. "I just appeared here."
"That is impossible. I conjured you using a legendary technique."
"What is that? Are you really trying to make me believe this?"
"Simply, alchemy."
The Messenger was shocked. "What do you mean?"
"I cannot tell you now. In the meantime, you will stay with my... friends."
The unbelieving beast looked behind it. There were three unusual beings shrouded in armor, carrying deadly weapons. They surrounded the Messenger, and began forcing him toward the door.
"What is the meaning of this?!"
"I must keep you in an enclosure until I can deal with you."
As it struggled, the enraged creature tried using its telekinetic powers to throw one of the warriors off. But its armor protected it, so it was no use. The guards nudged it along, and it was blindfolded so it didn't know where it was headed. In a few minutes the warriors removed its blindfold and tossed it into a room like a jail cell. It ran to get out, but one armorbeast quickly closed and locked the door, leaving the Messenger inside.
It slumped down, not knowing what to believe. Its name was not Ikol, yet it didn't have any other name besides "the Messenger." This alien-like being claimed it was the Master, but it looked much too different. The Messenger had not been created with alchemy, but it didn't just appear here like the universe had.
After about fifteen minutes, another guard brought down a circular human object. It was a plate, topped with the scraps of things that the humans called food. The confused being refused to eat such rubbish, even though it was a bit hungry. It sat on the cardboard box on the edge of the room, and soon became tired. When its eyes could not stay open any longer, it lay down on its back and fell asleep.

The next few days went the same. The Messenger still refused to believe what the Master had said before. The humans kept leaving him disgusting things to eat and the beast was bored. Until one day, the screen on one wall of the cell finally flickered on.
"Do you wish to know more about who you are? I believe you are ready after a few days of taming." Without looking, the Messenger knew it was the Master. Without turning its head, it replied, "I would like to be informed on what is going on."
The Master ignored this comment. Instead, he started his talk about who the Messenger was.
"Like I said earlier, your name is Ikol, created by me using alchemic fusion.
"Originally, you were a human." The creature was surprised. "A human??"
"Yes. You were a human named Ikol. You willingly agreed to be my test subject because you believed you had nothing to live for. Your family was killed in a recent war, leaving you the only one left of the Kodonami family. After awhile of having you in this very same cell, I finally found a use for you. I brought in the fiercest, strongest and most indestructible creature I could find. I brought the both of you to the alchemy lab, where I began my experiment. I fused you with this creature, named a Clawblade, while you were in a dormant state. The Clawblade's mind disappeared, but yours morphed into that of a human's and a Clawblade's combined. After the splicing, I altered your genes to make you able to run faster than a cheetah; more agile than a monkey; stronger than an elephant; have more willpower than any other thing in the world. However, something went wrong during the gene changing, causing you to lose your memory. This problem made you believe you were one hundred percent Clawblade, even though you had some human features. Right now, you look nearly nothing like a Clawblade. That is because gene altering had to do with changing your framework, the shape of your body. I made you deadly and nearly invincible, with almost no weaknesses. I gave you the psychic powers that you wield today. Then, I released you. To this day, I have been waiting for you to come back, Ikol."
The Messenger just sat staring. It did not know what to believe. "Is this true.... Master?"
"I swear it as the sincere truth," the Master answered.
The Messenger clutched its ruby charm. "No... I cannot believe it."
The Master spoke up again. "I see you found the necklace that you lost... five years ago."
It gasped. Lost? This all made sense now, the feeling of being around this place before... in the worn house and... here in the lab. Still, it was hard to believe. The overwhelmed being's mind weakened, and finally, it remembered its past.
With a furious leap at the screen on the wall of the cell, everything was gone.
The Master.
The guards.
The building.
But not the Messenger.
The Messenger. Its will, its strength, its invincibility.
The Messenger had survived.


*applause* Look out for the sequel, "The New Life (is beginnning)!"
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Re: The Messenger (PG-12 or something)

'The creature did this.

The creature did that.

The creature walked here.

The creature did another thing.'

No offence, but try and add a little variation.

Also, try putting a space between each paragraph. On that note, you don't need a new paragraph for every other sentence...


Actually more of a harmour fan
Re: The Messenger (PG-12 or something)

Okay, I'll fix that. Thanks for the critique =)