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Open The New Generation


Tsutarja, the Grass-Ninja. I will own all.
This is a Pokemon RP. I swear, I fail at this, I'm gonna do something.


With a new region off in the distance being discovered, of course Team Rocket is off to create new Pokemorphs. This region, Isshu, is inhabited by the 15i0 or so new Pokemon. Team Rocket, being well, Team Rocket, nags a few of these somewhat rare pokemon, returning to Kanto, to their now new lab in the burned down Cinnabar Island. After some of the lowest-ranked Team Rocket members, Grunts, capture many humans, they begin their tests. The Pokemorphs form, and after five months of testing, they are ready to work for Team Rocket. However, these Pokemorphs had different plans. They managed to escape, and are now scattered across the Kanto region. Each is aware there are more of their kind, and their mission is to find each other, and evade capture from Team Rocket. While doing this, they will try to destroy as many Team Rocket HQs as findable.


I create the rules, so you read them.
You are allowed to be a Pokemorph that is not combined with a Pokemon from Isshu, but it would be more interesting. No legendaries.
If you were to be Zoroark in this RP, the Illusion Ability will not come in effect, but you will be able to use Claw Sharpen and Trickery.
No godmodding, no weathermodding, blah blah blah I think you get the point.
We stay in the Kanto region. No region hopping, for whatever cause.
Any basic RP rules apply.


Fill this out if you wish to join.

Combined with:

If you'd like, you can be in team Rocket, but you must omit the Combined With form, and replace it with Rank. Also, add a Pokemon form.

My form

Name: Noah
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Combined with: Tsutarja
Appearance: Noah has a regular head, except for the fact that the yellow lines by Tsutarja's eyes are present on him, going down to his neck. He has brown eyes, similar to Tsutarja's. The yellow parts lagging behind Tsutarja are present on his shoulders, and his fingers have been reduced to three. He has the same tail, as well. The only other feature is that most of Noah's front is light green, while the rest is a darker shade, just like Tsutarja's. Noah has green hair which used to be brown, and wears a T-shirt. Unlike his color, it is blackish. He wears jeans, that once again march his color, and he doesn't wear shoes.
Personality: A bit shy, but once Noah gets to know someone, he is quite friendly.
History: Noah was just a normal kid, until that one day. He was heading back to school after his Summer vacation, and he was suddenly nabbed by Team Rocket Grunt. Ever since, he has been reported as missing, and recently, dead.
Extras: Nothing to add, except he obviously has power over plants and vines, among other things.




Team Rocket


For Team Rocket, I'm allowing five people to be admins. Choose that rank, if you'd like. But only five people will get this chance. Admins can have slightly stronger Pokemon, and they're hard to beat. They can control any NPC lower ranks.
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Name: sky
Gender: female
Age: 14
Combined with:
Appearance: linkey ---> http://chibicyndaquil.deviantart.com/art/Meguroko-Gijinka-167254840
Personality: curious, loyal, strong, nice
History: it was a normal day like any other, she was eating gummy bears and drinking soda with her friends at her house, they ran out of gummy bears, so they all pitched in money and played bubble gum, sky lost and so she had to walk up to the store to get it, she was nabbed walking up to the store, she lived far away from Kanto, so she hasn't been able to get back....the police have given up looking for her and she is proclaimed dead, friends and family are still looking though
Extras: well she can do all the attacks that Meguroko can do...
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Combined with:Zoroark
Appearance: Hanolu is about 5'4", has striking gray eyes(used to be blue), has short(frequently needs to be cut) red hair with black ends. His head stays the same, except for his eyes, the hair, and his ears have grown pointed. He wears a blue t-shirt with a red jacket over it, dark purple pants, and solid Lavender sneakers. his Hands have red claws, whereas his feet are normal.
Personality: Protective of close friends and family, strong, only friendly after you get to know him, as he is protective.
History:Hanolu was at the park with his Riolu when a Team Rocket Grunt picked him up and put him in a cage. His Riolu tried to fight the Grunt, but he killed it. Hanolu didn't stop crying the whole way there; only when he was knocked out did he stop fighting. This is the reason why he's so protective. He took great joy in kicking that sameGrunt in the face.
Extras: Can do all the attacks that Zoroark can in addition to Force Palm in memory of his Riolu.
Name: Celeste

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Combined with: Persian! (Sorry, the only pokemon from the 6th generation I know of are Zoroark and Zorua. I'll try to make her interesting.)

Appearance: Celeste is rather skinny for her age as well as a height of 4"10. Her shoulder length messy hair used to be incredibly dark brown, but after the experiments it slowly got lighter and straighter until it was closer to white than anything else. Her skin, like her hair, is pale, unlike its original tan color. Her pupils are often narrowed down to slits, unless it is dark out when they glow bright yellow. Celeste also has a red gem on her forehead and two white rounded ears growing out of her hair. A slightly curled tail is actually an extension of her spine and sticking from a hole in her pants that she cut with her sharp claws to make it more comfortable. Her feet are unaffected by all this. She wears a green baseball cap that cover her ears and gem to seem more normal, although the tail sticking from her neon pink skinny jeans ruins her chance of avoiding attention. Celeste also wears fingerless gloves and a blue t-shirt with paint splatters on it. All this makes her quite obvious in public.

Personality: She is prone to moments of extreme anger at almost everyone that are completely random, but for the most part she's pretty calm. She isn't shy, but she prefers to be alone than with others due to the fact that people generally annoy her. She's above average in her intelligence level, but she uses it as an excuse to be sarcastic. Celeste does have a strange sense of humor and will laugh at things that might seem weird or even creepy to other people. Other than that she's a pretty average 12 year old.

History: She cut school one day after getting bored of math. On her way down to the city library, she was caught by Team Rocket. Being only 9, she didn't have any pokemon to defend herself. Her parents refuse to believe that she ran away, despite what the police told them.

Extras: Celeste's favorite pokemon is Gardevoir and her favorite type is (of course) Psychic. She knows that she can use some moves, but hasn't figured out what they are or how to use them yet. Often will spend about a half hour or more a day trying to figure them out.

Was that descriptive enough?
Name: Natalia 'Tali'

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Combined with: Pokabu

Appearance: Tali is slightly overweight, with a round face and somewhat short. Her straightened hair is short and black, and her dark brown eyes blend into her tanner skin. A large yellow stripe runs from her pig-like nose to her forehead. A curly tail pokes from her pants with a cute pink ball on the end.
Her clothes are composed of a black tee-shirt with a red velvet V and grey paint splatters, flare jeans, green flip-flops, and fingerless grey-and-black striped gloves. Not to mention a band-aid on her right middle finger and a diamond necklace with the letter N.

Personality: Usually happy-go-lucky and enjoys hugging and affection, though is rude and 'abusive' to whoever gets on her nerves. She's protective of all her female friends. She frequently skips around in a comedic fashion.

History: Her family had just moved to Kanto from the Isshu region, so she was familiar with a few fifth-gen. Pokemon already. They spent only a year in Viridian City when Tali was skipping gaily around gym, unaware that the head honcho of Team Rocket, who she never even had heard of, was the gym leader. She was almost immediantly snatched up by lurking Rockets hiding in the surrounding woods.
An investigation is still going about her disappearance.

Extras: She now hates bacon :).
Name: Jason

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Combined with: Tyranitar

Appearance: Dark brown hair with spikes on head and down his back. Has murky blue eyes and a somewhat pointed head. Whole body is green with a short, deformed tail coming out. Always wears a green polo shirt and jeans.

Personality: Shy and traumatized, Jason still is horrified by Team Rocket and the abomination he is. Prefers flight over fight, but is still adjusting to his transformation.

History: Was walking down to the library when captured. Fought back viciously with Vulpix and Wartortle, but both were shot.

Extras: Doesn't know own strength, and fears himself.

(That good enough for ya?)
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Name: Jodi
Gender: female
Age: 16
Rank: Chief Technical department.
Appearance: She has short, light blue hair, green eyes, she wears a fire colored tank top with the team rocket R on it, a sleeveles green vest over it, black gloves, jeans with bootcut, a wide grey belt and black leather boots.
Personality: She doesn't really like the evilness of team rocket. Though she can be pretty cruel in pokemon battles, her cruelty is limited to that. She's quite caring and really feels sorry for the people that got morphed, even though she's the one making the machines.
History: Born and raised on the streets of saffron, though she spent more time on the roofs than on the streets. She got a soft spot for bird- and catlike pokemon because of that. When team rocket invaded the silph building, she was on the roof admiring a blue-haired guy in rocket uniform. She fell in love straight away and decided to join team rocket and make him her boyfriend.
Extras: nah
Combined with:elekid
Appearance:A regular boy except for to small horns and a yellow tinted skin. He always wears a red shirt with a monkey on it. He also wears tan khaki's.He has lime green hair shoulder length.
Personality:He is rather playful but gets defensive when offended. He is also quite solitary and often deppressed.
History:He was walking to therapy one day (he had been malested by his baby sitter) When a team rocket grunt captured him. This did nothing to help his depression.
Extras:He is strong enough to carry a grown man. Can use basic electric attacks.
Edit:When are we gonna start.
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((let's just start kay?))
"Oy, is the machine ready yet? We got a fresh load of rats here."
Rats. Why couldn't they just say they kidnapped a load of people? Her felow team members treated those humans as if they were nothing more than animals used for testing. Jodi sighed. That, in fact, nailed what happened at her department. Innocent people were used for experiments. Experiments with a very high chance of death.
"First of all, I want you to call them what they are. Humans. Second, don't talk like that to your chief. I can just as easilly push you into that machine and expose you to a 70% death rate!" That shut him up. "Now bring me to them." Jodi always chose the people to be morphed herself. She'd pick a few at random, and then let the rest go, claiming they weren't suitable for morphing.
If he came back, I would think he wouldn't tolerate it, cause I wouldn't either.

But who cares what I have to say? You need a dungeon master to move on in the RP, and without the RP creator, no main plot points can happen. Basically, you can't move on. I'm thinking a mod should lock this, cause the DM obviously isn't coming back. It's been three months.
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