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The Prodigal Webshow


puppy-sized elephants
I haven't posted here in SO LONG but I have a thing happening that I thought you tcod lot might enjoy

I've been co-writing a webseries for a year-ish - it's kind of Buffy meets Community meet Avatar: The Last Airbender but with a lot of lgbtq+ characters, people of colour, people with mental health issues and LADIES GALORE. The drive of the show is to a. be representative to the under-represented and b. do it in a way that their stories extend beyond their 'issue'. I like it a lot.

I thought I'd mention it here cause we're fundraising for the pilot right now! Not asking for any £££ from any of you but if you wanna take a look/follow the project on the site (free, helpful, and you can sign in through facebook) that might be fun I don't knOW I'm just excited




A chickadee in love with the sky
This sounds really cool and I hope you reach your funding for it!! I love that you are working to represent all these underrepresented things - diversity is awesome and we need more media attention on these things.

Good luck and you should keep us posted on your progress! :D


puppy-sized elephants
Thank you so much! You should definitely follow the project if you're interested. ;D (there's a lot of extra funding if we make it to 1000 followers so every little helps)

The newest update is a number of videos about each character! https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/hexer#media Spoiler alert: if you tag a video with 'muslim character' you get instant dislikes on youtube lol LOL


puppy-sized elephants
Some news! For anyone following along.

1. They fiddled with the rules a bit so we don't have to get the thousand followers until April BUT we do have to make the $10k within the month.

2. We got greenlit!! That means we hit 80% of our goal, get to keep the money, and will definitely be making the pilot. (It'll be out next Spring!!)

So now it's the big push to $10 to qualify for the competition which could let us fund the whole show. We're so close! Literally 14% away. Ahhhhh!

The competition ends October 14th so if you have ANY PENNIES to contribute I'd literally owe you forever. <3 tinyurl.com/hexertheshow