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The silence game


Disaster will strike soon...
*Explains that all posts must be made like this*
*Says to continue from the last one*


*Runs away from Richie*
Re: The silence game 7.0

*rides in on Lillipup*
*gets off*
*asks what to name Lillipup*

*pulls out scented candle*
Re: The silence game 7.0

*Runs in*
*Has a tail and yellow cat eyes*
*Kills Lillipup and eats it head*
Re: The silence game 7.0

*sees a dying kitten in the street*

*goes over and begins eating the cat*
Re: The silence game 7.0

*Runs up to Ruler of Houndooms*
*Charges dark black ki in her hand*
Re: The silence game 7.0

*reverts to normal*

*swipes the kitten food*

*throws the dynamite*

*dynamite explodes*
Re: The silence game 7.0

*lays dead on the pavement*

*reverts to Houndoom form*

*gets back up*

*snarls the devilish screech of a hellhound*
Re: The silence game 7.0

*Jumps off a nearby tree wearing a Superman cape*

*Plummets to the ground*

*Realizes that I don't have flying powers, or any superpowers at that...*
Re: The silence game 7.0

*rides in on Lillipup*
*is appalled by all the fighting*
Re: The silence game 7.0

*Looks down on the commosion from the skies*
*goes into demigod-form*
*slowly floats down*
*traps everyone in tornado*
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