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Open The Struggle for Power

(Oh wow. I completely let this die. Okay, let's try to get this to work...)

Erindor stepped out into the fresh morning air. The Motel the group had stayed in was pretty stuffy, though cheap. Erindor looked up to the Ghost Tower. That thing is hiding something... he thought.
Autela staggered out into the fresh air. It would have been better if I'd just slept outside instead of that motel... She thought, stretching her aching limbs. "I swear those beds were made of plywood," She said distractedly, finally looking at the Pokemon Tower. She shuddered and pulled her coat tighter around her, feeling that the day had just gotten colder.
Xigbar rubbed his eyes and stretched. Bagels was, at the moment, half a block away, searching for food. I've been with Erindor and the others for.... less than 48 hours, and already, I'm sore all over. He thought as he cracked his knuckles to loosen his hands up. This could take a loong time..... Except I don't even REALLY know what we're doing... I'll need to ask Erindor sometime today.
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