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[Tier I] Yuka City Gym


Mystical Furball
Yuka City Gym

Gym Leader: Little Monster​
Pine Badge​

Yuka City is the northernmost city in the Dachét Region, surrounded by an great pine forest with many mountains. In the valleys between the mountains, a thick fog obscures the vast pine forest below, with nearly no visibility at the forest’s floor. The largest of the mountains is the great Mount Yuka, for which the city has been named. The fog is so dense around this mountain that only the top third can be seen clearly. The mountain has a system of roads that intertwine near the peak to form the Path, as it is simply known by the locals, which leads through the trees to the Yuka City gym.
Yuka City is mostly cut off from the rest of Dachét, as its high altitude and location at the heart of Dachét’s most massive forest makes it difficult to travel to.
The gym leader is not known very well by the outside world, though he has many friends in Yuka. However, he keeps his true identity a secret at all times and only a select few people know who he is. He has allowed none to stay at his gym to train. He placed his gym at the peak of the mountain, the highest point in all of Dachét, because he feels he can defeat any challenger.
The leader is not often at the gym, because he loves the boreal forest and he loves to explore it. His restricted gym schedule has led to few trainers even knowing of his existence, only learning about the Yuka Gym from other trainers or by traveling through Yuka.

- All Battles are Lv. 100 Single Battles with six Pokémon per person.
- All Battles will be conducted at OU level using the Smogon Tier List, found here: http://www.smogon.com/dp/tiers . You may use UU or NU pokemon as well. Salamence is banned for now, as it is currently “on probation” here and thus is not allowed.
- You forfeit the match if a disconnect occurs at or after 15 turns.
- All challengers must wait for a minimum of two weeks before submitting a rematch challenge.
Evasion Clause
OHKO Clause
Sleep Clause
Species Clause
- On the Self KO Clause: Any and all times that both players' final pokemon faint in the same turn due to Perish Song, Destiny Bond, Explosion, Selfdestruct, the ability Aftermath, recoil damage, or any similar terms, the match will be considered a draw and will be rescheduled for the soonest possible time.

My time zone is GMT -5. I am available alternating weekends, starting Friday September 10th, from 7:00 PM Friday to 5:30 PM Sunday. I am sorry for any inconveniences caused by my lack of time, but I have an extremely tight schedule.

- 2 Challengers
Pending Challenges: Pwnemon, Superbird
- 0 Winners

Good luck!
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Mystical Furball
I am sorry for any trouble, but due to school-related and family issues, the next time I will be able to take challenges is on Saturday October 16th, along with the following day, Sunday the 17th.