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Ugliest Splice Request contest!


Hypno's lullaby
Ugliest Splice Request Contest

I read the guidelines and I assume this is the right place, if not please move it or contact me!

How to play

I will take sprite requests from the members, If your requests ends up being the worst of my orders you will win a sprite of a trophy. There is 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Most of all, it will end up being which ever request I sucked worse at. Not entirely your options.


- You may enter no more than 4 real Pokemon, in one god awful splice.
- The contest will last at least a week.
- As soon as I finish the sprites they will be entered in the upcoming list.
- Don't blame me for doing a good job for your sprite, I will be doing my best for all members!
- Do not enter EXACT entrees as other people, please try not to copy others either whatsoever unless you honestly wanted those certain Pokemon. But still, no EXACT entrees EVER.
- I add every part and every color to make the splice look as good as possible (Sorry) if the sprite is not exactly how you planned then there's no changing it.
- All sprites will be Gen V



Read the rules?:
Pokemon in splice (By name):
User/name to be listed:

Entrees are posted here when finished by me

Porygon, Luvdisc, Thundurus, Drowzee

Alomomola, Tornadus, Volcarona, Zekrom >:D

Garbodor, Muk and Luvdisc.
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New member
This sounds fun .o.
Read the rules?: Yes
Pokemon in splice (By name): Porygon, Luvdisc, Thundurus, Drowzee
User/name to be listed: ReaperCreeper


he, they
Worst as in hardest or worst outcome?

Read the rules?: yeppers
Pokemon in splice (By name): Alomomola, Tornadus, Volcarona, Zekrom >:D
User/name to be listed: Absoul


Fire emblem is great
Read the rules?: No, of course I didn't. I'm totally just making this form up.
Pokemon in splice (By name): Garbodor, Muk and Luvdisc.
User/name to be listed: Superbird


Hypno's lullaby
@-Absoul It's pretty much the outcome. I think I'll start a poll to judge the winners.

Wow! Really good *cough* I mean bad entrees already! :D Nice ones guys!


Everyone call me elf monster.
Read the rules?: Why not?
Pokemon in splice (By name): Muk, corsola, Machamp and Marshtomp
User/name to be listed: Noctowl

Vipera Magnifica

Aquatic Artiste
Read the rules?: No. Not at all.
Pokemon in splice (By name): Stunfisk, Probopass, Surskit, Exeggutor
User/name to be listed: VM


It's a very, very mad world
Read the rules?: Yuppies
Pokemon in splice (By name): Mudkip, Azuril, Piplup, Pacharisu, Shinx
User/name to be listed: CloudCat


Hypno's lullaby
Wow entrees are coming fast! Spriting as much as I can. By the way, please don't say you didn't read the rules. Not that I really care, I just don't want anyone to say I was being unfair in making the sprites or anything. But I'll accept everyones request as of now of course, it's just for the record! Anyways, I'll be giving a trophie sprite of the three winners. I think I'm going to use their splice with it! :D I think you guys will like them!

LuckyLapras' Duck

Those tomatoes are rancid.
Read the rules?: Yup yup yup!
Pokemon in splice (By name): Lapras, Chandelure, Lilligant, Galvantula
User/name to be listed: LuckyLapras


The ultimate formation of Tyranitar and Houndoom.
Read the rules?: Eeyup!
Pokemon in splice (By name): Kyurem, Genesect, Gastly, Cinccino
User/name to be listed: Tyranidoom~