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Suggestions Unconventionally Evolving Doodles



Statues are boring. Why draw a statue when you can draw a living breathing creature, you know? I wanted some coloring practice as well.. Hope you don't mind. The one on top is your suggested picture, it is what I present to you humbly on a platter while wearing a maids outfit. The one on bottom is what I originally intended to give you once it was finished. I saved it, unfinished, as a jpg and it turned into crap. Ah-well. Here's your bone-dude.



Color experimentation.


I'm a pony. :>
Trollface cutie mark used not because I'm a troll, but because I know a bit too much about memes and have a slight obsession with "catching them all."
It's the holidays and I brought stuff.


My mom, of all people, randomly asked me what a furry was. After failing to properly explain it to her a few times, I went ahead and drew her this.


Mandatory "your mileage may vary nightmare fuel" check.


I draw Miku quite a bit... And looking at this now, the breast area looks off kilter with the rest of the body. Ah well.


Yeah, yeah, we know what you're really up to. Stop it.



Various doodles. I really like that reptile thing.


Have I ever mentioned my love for the Shuppet family? Well it exists. Not too happy with the Shuppets, theres no variety in them all being in the same pose. Makes for a boring picture.


I'm actually fairly proud of this.
Ooh, another Vocaloid fan! Maybe. Happiness.

I also like the Shuppet family. That Banette looks sufficiently creepy.~

Oh, and I like the detail on the cat's clothes - I'm not good at clothing detail...
'Ello. I brought drawings of.. things.


Just a naked girl in a trenchcoat because I can.


This is why we don't expose snakes to radiation.


A lot of my doodles of this sort start out as various shapes. Then legs happen, or hands, or polyps, or what-have-you and creatures emerge. Sometimes I try to figure out what kind of biological niche they would fill and what kind of enviornment they would have to live in to develope their various abilities and quirks. It's a lot of fun, regardless of whether or not it's actually correct on any level.


This is why my hands can't have nice things. If left to their own devices, crap like this is drawn and I'm left thinking "wat" in the end.


Enderbro and Bellyflasher: Love at first sight?
Double post, I choose you!


Various doodles.


Requested by a frequenter to this thread. He wanted a fakemon of his drawn.. but I don't think it came out the way either of us expected. Yay for being lazy and not shading the body!


I play Hide-and-seek with a Petilil. Done in a "four panel manga" style, though it reads from left to right.
I want so bad for this to actually happen.
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