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Underwear= important and should be discussed


has a BONE to pick with you
I'm surprised there isn't a thread like this here already (or maybe there's been one ages ago?). Panties are totally serious business. B|

Here we shall discuss our underwear: what kind of panties/boxers/whatever are you wearing under all that clothing? What colour? What shape? What do you like/hate about underwear?

I'm wearing these hot pink totally awesome ordinary panties atm. I can't stand any of the other sorts of panties because they just love to crawl up my crack and make me feel uncomfortable. :S
I could never wear thongs; those things look like they're perfect for permanently injuring your private parts eugh D: Whoever first invented them must've been crazy or just otherwise stupid. [/opinion]

Now, it's your turn! gogogo panties


I hate the word "panties" so much it hurts, why couldn't you lot call them pants too? :(

I wear age 9-10 plain pants. Because I'm skinny as hell and because it seems pants made for my age are intended to be as baggy and uncomfortable as is possible.

When I'm on my period I use all these old massive granny pants so I don't ruin my nice (albeit plain and boring) ones. :D How's that TMI for you.


if the nineth lion ate the sun.
I'm wearing lacy red-and-white striped boyshort-style panties :> They're cute. At least, my boyfriend says so.

Boyshorts are the boss of panties.


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I'm wearing bog standard pink briefs because it's commie-time-of-month...

I wear boxers most of the time though


Overdosing on placebos
I hate wearing boxers cause they ride up too much.
I found these awesome Adidas boxer-briefs that stay put and I love them.


silence is scarier
Usually boxer briefs. My current pair are ~slytherin colored~

But half the time I don't wear underwears


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I wear briefs, day in, day out. I have never worn a thong in my life. It seems to me like when you walked, it would feel like you were flossing your genitals. They are usually a little brown-looking at the bottom, but only because my discharge turns brown around my period, which is usually how I know. I would not have said that, but I'm sure one douchebag around here would ask if I had diarrhea in every pair of underwear I own.

Right now they are pink, with flower designs on them, but usually they're just white or some solid color or other.

Blastoise Fortooate

I am wearing *checks* a pair of 100% cotton green-and-grey boxer briefs. They are very comfortable. :-}

related(?)- i love whoever invented the printed-on tags. those paper tags are annoying, especially on undergarments.


was Mercedes
Red and blue plaid ones with lace-y stuff on the edges. Nothing really unique I guess.

Also, I agree about boyshorts. They're amazing and that's what I mostly own. :]

Great thread, btw

Zora of Termina

forget your high society
Totally the best thread.

I've got on floral-print regular underwear right now. Normal underwear is what I usually use when I need to go important places. Pattern and color varies by what I feel like buying, but I do love me some purple.
Mostly I just use shorts though. They're comfy and easy to wear.

Aaaaand I'll just leave you all with the beautiful mental image of me in my underwear. Enjoy~

...I can't believe I just posted in a thread about underwear.
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has a BONE to pick with you
I hate the word "panties" so much it hurts
the word panties ugh
Ahahaha sorry I had no idea it's that annoying. I'll promise not to use it anymore :D

Status update: now I've got dark red ones, shape-wise exactly like the pink ones.
I gotta agree about the flippy-floppy tags that make you all itchy, I always have to cut them off.

Another thing I don't get: the ones with lace and such on them; they itch like hell. I know they're supposed to be pretty or something but eh I don't think it's very romantic to have to keep scratching between your legs all the time. D:


Yarn is comfy and easy to wear
Why the hell are mostly females posting in this thread? I could swear this be a topic guys would talk about.

Er...anyways, I wear briefs. I cannot stand boxers or boxer briefs. Its just...well, I'd rather not have my youknowwhat sticking to the side of my leg. I just find it more comfortable. My underwear mostly consist of white, black, and gray underwear. Wee, I'm so original. ~

If I had to, I guess I could wear boxer briefs. They usually aren't as bad as the regular variety of boxers.