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Welcome to Farroh!

If you say so :P but I still disagree. There are many problems I could point out with Farroh...
Yeah. I've considered changing it into a status condition, which makes their stats go all random, as well as halting their ability to learn moves from their movepool and allowing them to learn moves from a new movepool until it's healed. But I'm really not too sure.
Bumpy, bumpy, bump it up.

just 'cause I still can't update. Sorry.
More bumpage... and new town names!

The towns are now as follows, in the order you'd visit them:

Cleanslate Town
Centurock City
Limebay Town (Previously Lime Town)
Darkmine City (Previously Stonemine City)
Gravelring Town (Previously Gravel Town)
Canolight Town (Previously Siltside Town)
Whitmarble City (Previously Marble City)
Sandcove City (Peviously Sandstone City)
Embersand Town (Previously Chalkshore Town)
Flintplate City (Previously Flint City)
Stardust City

Also, there's a new area in the hills on Embersand island (Just south of the town) which is similar to the Battle Frontier. It's called the Ancient Stadium. More information soon.
That's awesome :3 You've got some really nice ideas there mate.

I especially like Greaduate. "If it stops reading, it will die." XD
I made a map! Hooray!

Eventually I'll make one which labels each location.

Well, this was quick....


1: Cleanslate Town - This is the town where it all begins. You live here, but there isn't much to see.
2: Centurock City - A small yet busy city that gains its name from the fact it is at the centre of a crossroads. Your school is here.
3: Limebay Town - A small fishing town with a lovely view of the sea. Wade's Water Gym is here.
4: Darkmine City - As the name suggests, the mysterious Darkstone is found in this city's mine. The city, at the bottom of a shallow crater, is medium-sized with no tall buildings, contrary to it's title of 'city'. It is the home of Terri's underground Ground Gym.
5: Gravelring Town - This dirty town is named so because of the fact it is shaped in a ring surrounding the only clean part of it - the beautiful Grass gym run by Natalie, which is situated at the top of a huge tree. You get to the gym by climbing up a series of treehouses with a Gym trainer in each.
6: Canolight City - This city is in the jungle area of the Central Forests. Most of the houses are built into the sides of trees with narrow, rope-rail bridges connecting them. The highest treehouse is way up in the canopy where Gail trains at her Flying Gym.
7: Whitmarble City - The 'capital city', you could say, of Farroh, Whitmarble is built almost entirely from dazzling, beautiful marble. It is the home of various important buildings, such as the Pokémon Research Tower (The tallest manmade structure in the region), Professor Cherry's Pokémon lab, the Whitmarble Department Store and the Electric Gym ran by Lexy, Natalie's younger sister.
8: Sandcove City - The main port of Farroh, half of Sandcove is built on the water. Every now and then there is a ferry journey from here to Embersand Isle on the White Orking cruise liner, to ticket holders only, of course. Ryan's Steel Gym overlooks the town.
9: Embersand City - A beautiful beach resort that gains many visitors constantly, Embersand is the home of the final Fire-type Gym led by Heath - but you won't be challenging him until you've got all the other badges.
10: Flintplate City - A small city whose only really interesting feature is the Museum of Art which exhibits every type of art from paintings to music to sculptures. You can also draw your own painting and compose your own music to display here.
11: Crystalville - A tiny, mysterious village which is, bizarrely, entirely inside a cave. It is lit by the glow of the strange crystals that surround it. Deeper into the cave is Regan's Dragon Gym.
12: Stardust Town - A little town foreshadowed by Observatory Hill, Stardust Town has nothing particularly interesting to offer - except for the occasional rain of glittering Stardust!
13: Victory Road - Situated on Eterna Isle, this maze-like cave is the final challenge for trainers wishing to take on the Farroh League.
14: Final Plaza - in the middle of this plaza is the Farroh League tower, home of the Elite Four and the Champion.
15: Ancient Stadium - nestled in the hills south of Embersand City, the Ancient Stadium is a huge coliseum from ancient times. Nowadays it is home to various different challenges for trainers such as Timed, Last Man Standing and Ordinary Battles.

A: On one of the hills on this route is a farm where a husband and wife couple tend a herd of Miltank, Tauros and Kalfie.
B: This bridge is Twilight Bridge where the bridger of Twilight, Twylia, is said to appear every dawn and dusk.
C: This tall hill is home to the Observatory, where you can watch the skies, day or night, and observe the constellations and cloud formations. If you see a certain shape in the sky, it could trigger a special event somewhere!
D: This is Dayrock Mountain, the rumoured home of Speclowd. It can be entered from either the route west of Canolight or by going east from Final Plaza. It's summit is also the place to evolve Eevee into Drakeon.
E: This is Darkmine's Nightstone Mine. It is the fabled home of Astairon, although however deep the miners go they have never been able to find it.
F: Close to these two islands are the two entrances to Coral Trench, the mysterious underwater hallway that is said to be made entirely of Corsola and Coriffa, mainly the latter.
G: The small woodland area here is Centuro-Slate woods.
H: Situated around here is the Glacial Cavern, a deep icy cave which somehow survives deep in the midst of the tropical rainforest.
J (Missed out I for some reason...): This route is known as Rainy Valley, due to the fact it winds between two steep hills and gets frequent rain.

Just so you know, that purplish box is indicating where the Central Forests are.
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Also like new town names.

(Also, who needs I? Who cares if it makes my little sister's nickname unpronounceable? :D)
I'm working on putting together maps of some of the towns and routes. Here's Cleanslate Town, which I overloaded with bushes for some reason.
It's like a maze. Cool.

I kept refreshing the page waiting for the picture to show and then noticed it was a link XD

I've been thinking.

I may, at some point in the future, completely re-make this thread, with a different post for every category. Instead of word descriptions, I'll include a small picture of every single Pokémon and probably change most of the Pokédex entries which are, to be blunt, rubbish at the moment.

Any ideas and thoughts on this?
I'm working on putting together maps of some of the towns and routes. Here's Cleanslate Town, which I overloaded with bushes for some reason.

:D That's great! It's good to see the amount of effort you're putting into this. Keep it up!

And I like the sound of your other idea =D

(Plus I just thought Slashagruf should evolve into two separate mushroom Pokemon, so it goes Badger -> Badger -> Mushroom, Mushroom. I'm mental.)
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Intresting idea.

I'd like it. Go for it.

(What ever happened to Robomb? The Knight-Bot-Bomb?)
@Ambi - I'm not too sure. I'll probably add it when I can update.
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