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Welcome to Farroh!

The Radiation ability and Raydi are neat. Quite an interesting mechanic. o3o

Also, I sprited the Sandstorm and Fog Castforms.


Hope they look alright. I may get around to spriting Climorph too.
Oh, yes, because I forgot to add them...

#557: Bellphrog - Croak Pokémon (Water)
Description: A large, angry-looking bullfrog. It has brownish green skin and yellow spots. It has huge, powerful front legs but tiny, flipper-like back legs. It has a huge mouth.
Ability: Water Absorb/Soundproof
Dex Entry: They spend half of their lives croaking at huge volumes. Constant exposure to this noise has make them immune to the effects of sound.
Egg Group: Ground/Water 1
Evolves: To Frince at level 37

#558: Frince - Croak Pokémon (Water)
Description: It is now standing on its front legs, with its back legs in front of them in the air like arms (Think Sebulba from Star Wars). It has three horn-like crests that are arranged in a way that makes them look like a small crown. Its vocal sac is huge, almost as big as the rest of its head.
Ability: Water Absorb/Soundproof
Dex Entry: Their immensely strong front legs, which they stand on, are so powerful that they can jump all the way up a full-grown tree in one leap.
Egg Group: Ground/Water 1
Evolves: To Crowking if it levels up in the Royal Chamber of Coral Trench.

#559: Crowking - Croak Pokémon (Water/Dark)
Description: It's standing on its back legs again now, which are still rather stumpy. Its front legs have changed completely, becoming wide and flat. They look like robes. It has four crests which are arranged in a ring, pointing straight upwards. In females, instead of the crests there is a part that is shaped like the Queen's crown, without the jewels or the velvet part.
Ability: Water Absorb/Soundproof
Egg Group: Ground/Water 1
Dex Entry: It is said that there used to only be one CROWKING who ruled the oceans from a throne of coral. However, in modern times, although rare, they are multiple.

#560: Boorm - Bookworm Pokémon (Bug/Grass)
Description: A thick white worm with a green ring around its tail. It has an intellectual-looking face with marking around the eyes that look like round glasses. There are two square-shaped leaves growing from below its face; the leaves are joined together and shaped like a book.
Ability: Leaf Guard/Unaware
Dex Entry: BOORM crawl around forests, 'reading' the intricate patterns and lines of their leaves. It is said that they will never stop reading, not even in battle.
Egg Group: Bug/Ground
Evolves: To Greaduate if it levels up while holding Diploma.

#561 Greaduate - Intellectual Pokémon (Psychic/Grass)
Description: It is a thin humanoid now, but it is still white and still has the broad green stripe around its waist. It has a large leaf coming out of its neck which is wrapped around it like a graduation gown. On top of its head is a flat, wide square which looks like those hats new graduates wear. It has a scroll made from a leaf, which it is holding open with both hands.
Ability: Leaf Guard/Unaware
Dex Entry: They constantly read the scroll they hold, which gives them their psychic powers. If they stop reading, they will die.
Egg Group: Bug/Ground
Evolves: No

#562: Muldrag - Spirit Pokémon (Dragon)
Description: A whit, floating snakelike creature. It has a 'crown' of four horns around its head and its underside is beige. It has small wings and a draconian face.
Ability: Levitate
Dex Entry: Legends say that MULDRAG change their appearance and type depending on where they are. They are also said to be born wherever ARCEUS looks.
Egg Group: Monster/Dragon
Evolves: To Omnidrag at level 30

#564: Omnidrag - Spirit Pokémon (Water)
Description: Like Muldrag but longer and with larger wings. It has five horns now, and has protruding fangs. It also has two pairs of birdlike legs.
Ability: Levitate/Intimidate
Dex Entry: OMNIDRAG can be seen only by those it chooses to appear to. As a result, they are very, very rarely seen.
Egg Group: Monster/Dragon
Evolves: To Drakrown at level 60

#565: Drakrown - Spirit Pokémon (Dragon)
Description: A larger, longer Omnidrag with around ten spikes in its crown now. It also has two whiskers, one on either side of its mouth, and three spikes coming out of each side of its head. It has two horns at the end of its nose too. It does not have wings any more, but can still fly perfectly well, if not better than it could before.
Ability: Levitate/Pressure
Dex Entry: DRAKROWN are mostly spiritual representatives of certain places. They are so rare that they are thought to be a myth.
Egg Group: Monster/Dragon
Evolves: No


Diploma: Boosts the Pokémon's Special Attack and Special Defence if held. Makes Boorm evolve. One can be found in a room at the School in Centurock City and another is somewhere in the Pokémon Research Tower.
Unfortunatly, it seems like I cant find the Lapishell sprite I scratched for you :( But I'll keep looking for it... Meanwhile, I might sprite one of those Dragon pokèmon you mentioned above :D

EDIT: I FOUND IT! YAY! I will post soon...

EDIT: AGAIN! I managed to retrieve my Photobucket account :D So now I can upload it! Yay!
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Mmmm. As soon as I can, I'll take a picture of my drawn map and send it to you.

Here it is :D Tell me if there is something I can change :)

And can you make an MS paint picture of the head of Muldrag? I'm not sure how to place the four horns...

And when I sprite a Farroh pokèmon, is it okay that I might change something, like add or change colours and patterns and stuff?

Yeah, I did'nt really know what you meant by a "crown", so I just sprited them as I thought they would be. Tell me if there is something you want me to edit like the horns or the colours or anything at all...

I actually quite like it :D I used another style than then one I'm used to. What do you think?
Thank you! They're really nice... yeah, by crown I just sort of meant spikes around the top of the head, so that's fine.

*Scrolls up*

Oh, and Lapishell is brilliant, too! And of course you can add/change stuff to your liking. It's your sprite!
I couldn't resist. I made a scratch of Oaflaim. Actually I think that it's the best scratch that I've ever made. Anyway, here's Oaflaim.

Finally finished with Omnidrag :D It's a bit big but it fits the 80x80 box ;D


My best scratch so far! Really proud of it!
@tropiking - thanks :) Only problem is... what happened to the nose->head plate part?

And Bakuphoon..... that truly is awesome! Thank you!
Not meaning to nag but... do you have that photo of the map?

Sorry if this is irritating, i'm not the most patient guy in the world.:sweatdrop:
No, sorry. I have to wait until i can borrow my Dad's camera. I could probably draw one up quickly on Paint, though...
What do you mean? I'll change it if need be but I'm just wondering what you mean by that.

EDIT: I looked at it again and it says that the protective thing is on fire and attached to the nose. On the sprite I made that's what it does. I'm confused.
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