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What ships do you sail?

Just PokeShipping, because it's too obvious(Misty's infatuation with Ash, I mean).
I captain the Black Knife, she's a merchant galley but once belonged to a ruthless pirate captain who terrorized the Caribbean. She'd been reclaimed by the Spanish in 1658 but fell into the hands of an American naval officer many years after. This officer, being a gambler and a drunkard to boot, was losing so badly at poker that he bet the ship to try to reclaim his lost savings. I happened to be the lucky bastard on the other end of that wager, and as it so happens the dealer, old One-eyed Willas, was a friend of mine who had stacked the deck in my favor. We took that poor lieutenant to the cleaners, we did, and split his fortune. I took the Black Knife, and some of the money to hire a crew of mine own. A finer ship, I have never sailed.
N x Hilda, or as it's more commonly known, Ferriswheelshipping! (I still think that name is a mouthful, though...) I'm not much of a shipper, but I can safely say this is my OTP, seeing as I've shipped it ever since BW released.
^ Pokemon black and white are really good games too :) Nice OTP choice^^

I support pearlshipping (ashxdawn) a lot. They are awesome together :)
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