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What ships do you sail?


I don't have any major views in the shipping discussion but I do think that penguinshipping is just Kenji really fancying Dawn and Dawn does sometimes flirt bacl, I don't see it going anywhere, mind.

I don't see anything between Jessie and James.


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My oddest favored pairing is Ikarishipping (Paul/Dawn). The pairing in itself isn't odd in the slightest, but the fact that I like it without ever seeing any of the newer episodes is. Haven't seen anything past Johto, actually.

I also like Romeoshipping (James/Misty), although it goes by several other names as well. I dunno what originally attracted me to this pairing, except that I always liked Misty more than Jessie, despite being somewhat similar in personality (and even looks, if you really stretch it. Like cousins or something.)

However, as there aren't many James/Misty fics out there, Rocketshipping will work. It's canon, after all, and it can be cute. Jessie just gets on my nerves too easily, though I don't even know why o_O

And if Jessie gets James, Misty can have Gary. Egoshipping is fun, what with the cool, arrogant guy being continually shot down by the hotheaded, opinionated girl.


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ColdCoffeeShipping (ShinjixJun) is awesome. And totally canon one-sided! Jun is such a fanboy.
yessss oh my god dude
thing is like me and my friend coined that before Jun appeared in the anime. (we loved CRACK PAIRAN'S and were kind of disappointed Barry wasn't the anime rival.)

You've just made my day, Ketsu.
(just showed this to her. you've probably made hers as well.)


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Oh jesus christ that's amazing.

...and the littlest bit creepy.

"HoeDownShipper - Lara Laramie, Kricketune & Ludicolo" o.O

I blame somebody I was roleplaying with for getting me the link to that.

Still SoulSplitShipper. Has to be the crackiest/most impossible pairing either. :D
Unless we had a cloning machine and made three clones of Ash, turned one into a girl, turned another into a Pikachu and got theat stone Pokeball and made Sir-Evil-Dictator possess the third.

I do like Pikashipping though. :D

Heh, a glimpse at the crossover ships showed me Lucario/Colette.

Dame Alex

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I like:
Ash+Misty (Pokéshipping)
Drew+May (Contestshipping)
Dawn+Paul (Ikarishipping)
I want Pikachu to end up with somebody, but I don't know who.


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I'm more of a Rocketshipper person... I don't watch the show much anymore but I don't think any character clings to another as much as Jessie and James cling to eachother. So that's pretty much the only ship that I sail.
Not saying that's the only reason they could possibly be a couple, but it's one of the less subtle signals
And it's just so darn cute! D: (plus in the manga, at least, it's canon)

Aaaaaaa so cute ;_; Her hand's on his chest and his is like holding her elbow and awwwwww eeeeee hugs.


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And now I'm also hopelessly in love with PreciousMetalShipping (GoldxSliver), LoveRivalShipping (BrendanxWally), and ClingyShipping (LucasxBarry).



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Many lmao's.

But, in-game:

LancexClair (GS :D)

Pairs convinced through fics/manga:


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Uh, I'm not really a fan of shippings. I've only liked Altoshipping, but nothing more than a friend with benefits sort of way. A few of my friends are shippers, though :D

I'm amused that two of my friends disagree on who Dawn should be with, which would be Zoey, or Ash. They're attempting to convince me one way or another, which doesn't work because romance and stuff isn't interesting to me at all. Though the summaries of their roleplays are very amusing.

Oh, and an ongoing effort from people in anime club is to ship Crasher Wake with everyone imaginable. They're favorite, or the one they mention the most, would be CrashingChampionShipping (Crasher Wake x Cynthia.)