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When do you believe these cartoons jumped the shark?


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I don't really think Foster's ever jumped the shark, although that's probably just the nostalgia talking. Although there were a few episodes I thought were pretty bad. -coughBendycough-

Spongebob for me got a lot worse after the movie definitely.


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Yeah, I never watched Foster's as a kid — I binged through it about two and a half years ago — and I still thought it it was great all the way through. Each season had a couple bad episodes, and it did get a little tedious in season four, but then it picked back up and the last two seasons were actually my favourite.

Ether's Bane

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Another question for the floor - which of these do you think jumped the shark to the greatest extent?

In my opinion:

Gold: Spongebob
Silver: The Simpsons
Bronze: MLP


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The Simpsons was the worst. Mainly because it's gone on SO LONG.

Spongebob may be bad but at least I can see how kids might find it funny. Not that "It's for children" is an excuse, mind you (My mum says that all the time when I complain about Doctor Who being terrible these days), it's just that Spongebob isn't funny and the not funnyness goes on so long that you're aware of it. It can still be funny occasionally and the episodes are only 15 minutes long so it's doesn't matter.
The Simpsons is pretty much consistently not funny throughout the 30 minutes it's on.

1) The Simpsons
2) Spongebob

Don't really have an opinion on the rest.

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By the way, I made my picks like this: with shows like The Powerpuff Girls and Futurama, although they jumped the shark, it at least felt as if those behind the show were trying to put out a quality product (although they were failing). The vibe I get from the three shows I picked is that the people behind the show have stopped trying altogether and just chose to cobble together "whatever feels right".


Judgemental people GTFO
I don't even know what jumped the shark means XD It means when they got bad, right?

I don't keep track of episode numbers much, but the simpsons does seem a lot less funny to me now. Then again, i'm also more sensitive to how 'dark' it can be now, too, so maybe thats part of why...

But, no, it does seem to be less comical overall. Regardless of that. I mean...whats so funny about the simpsons living in antartica and not freezing? o.o; It seems more like a lame excuse to be funny without really being it.

MLP is still good in my opinion and i still try to see every episode XD

Also, I guess the later episodes of ppg seemed less awesome than the earlier ones. Same with spongebob. Though this one episode about wrestling thats pretty new according to a cartoon site i went to was actually pretty amusing.